DMP 3.14 released

…considering the vast majority of us paid $6K for our DMP…and our UK/EU friends paid almost double that…just saying.


You can contact our service department for help. We’d be glad to give you a hand.

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I’m guessing he no longer has an issue ; )

Right and Jason did contact me. Thanks for that. I hope we can get him going. It’s a PWT and those older drives can be quirky at best. We’ll do what we can to get him going.

Yeah! Makes that cheap drive even cheaper :laughing:

It’s easy to clean the lens on top of the sled, but somewhat less easy to clean the optical elements under the sled.

To do this, you’ll need to completely remove the sled from the unit and carefully clean accumulated crud from the mirror, the intermediate lens, the diodes, and the pickups, all of which are very tiny and not easy to access.
Fortunately, the lasers in these units are easy to find and cheap and it’s probably more cost and time effective to simply replace it than clean it (though I’m keeping my old sled in case the supply dries up later).
I’ve posted a brief description on how to replace the sled here.


When the dmp finds the album art, I get big track numbers.
But sometimes it doesn’t, and then I am stuck with tiny numbers unreadable from 4m away.
A minor gripe.

OK, weird… if it does not find the artwork the DMP lets me know in tiny text, then it indicates the internet connection is OK. However, when it does not find it… there is a big number with no artwork…

I would love to own a DMP. Has it been permanently discontinued? I have asked this question of the Company a number of times without getting an answer. I thought maybe this forum would have an answer for me. If it’s been discontinued, are there any rumors of a replacement product?

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Hi Norris,

Welcome to the forum and sorry you did not receive a response when you reach out - what method were you using to contact us? I want to make sure we can improve things moving forward.

The DMP has unfortunately been discontinued. Some have been floating about the used market, though, so they’re still available secondhand.

As for the replacement, we are indeed working on a new transport - we expect it to be ready in 6-9 months.

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I used the “enquiry” box at the bottom of the product page. About once a week for two or three weeks.

After years of relative neglect, I’m trying to improve my system one last time (I’m almost 78). My wife says I can keep my Thiel speakers, but if I replace them she wants to get really small speakers. We don’t have a listening room, just a living room. The Thiels dominate it, but I have always loved the way they sounded with the music I play so I’m alright with keeping them. Paul McGrath (now with Wilson Audio) recommended them to me when he was in the retail audio business in the mid-1980’s. I’ll probably also keep my Linn Sondek LP12 turntable. All of the other equipment I bought back in the 1980’s is cheap stuff and has either died and been replaced with other cheap stuff, or is in need of replacement. For example, my pre-amp was designed for moving magnet cartridges only. I needed both a phono stage and a real pre-amp. I took care of the phono stage by buying a dealer demo NuWave Phono Converter. I got it yesterday. I’ll use it for the time being with my Peachtree Audio Nova integrated amp and DAC. I plan on getting a real amp and preamp and a better DAC as well as a CD tramsport and probably eventually a power regenerator. Right now I’m leaning toward PS Audio for all of this, but I’ll explore a local dealer (If Parkland ,Florida can be considered local for a Palmetto Bay, Florida address. Otherwise, I guess I’ll have to learn about this equipment by myself. For a guy who hasn’t paid much attention to equipment for almost 30 years, that’s a daunting task. A lot of ground to make up.

Thanks for reaching out.

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Thank you very much for posting this (and the linked thread as well)!

Welcome to the forums Norris! Here’s a new DMP in black listed on Audiogon if interested. I’m sure he will negotiate on price if you ask…

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After reading above posts on SQ improvement, I updated from 3.10 to 3.14 last night. Went without a hitch.

My SQ improvement is stunning! As much as any DSD firmware upgrade. I’ll forego all the audiophile adjectives, but all around amazing improvement. Most notable for me sound stage expansion and decay.

I was looking to upgrade my speakers, now I’m not so sure. Thanks Paul and crew!


@Paul Is the album art fix intended to make existing album art show up more consistently or give access to album art for more albums. I’ve had what I would call two classes of album art problems. One where album art has shown up before but for some reason doesn’t at other times. Or oddly, shows up on some later track but not when the disk is first played. The second class of problem is that many albums that are not new or obscure never display album art at all.

Are these the issues you have worked to address?

Thanks for your continued efforts to refresh and improve your products. I’ve never owned a serious piece of hifi gear that didn’t have some issue or quirk. But I’ve also never owned one that the company who created it has put as much time and effort into supporting and improving. Owning the DSD and DMP have made me a lifetime PS Audio customer and enthusiast.


New software update is great!!! 3:14, the best so far… my ears like it. Thanks Barry and colleagues. Much appreciated.



Good thing it could not load the wrong firmware. If this had been a force load it would have hosed up your PWT thouroughly!


If you come across a disk that does not display cover art and text you can go on Your play list at PS Audio and add the cover art and track list. I have done so for many disks and have thousands that I have made sure are present on the servers!


The replacement product will be Redbook CD not SACD compatible.


@sixpack1 - thanks for the follow up. It did not find my EJ - Good Bye Yellow Brick Road… never did that before, great idea!

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