DMP new firmware version 3.15

Looked at the resources and saw there is a new firmware version for the DMP.

Fixes an issue with artwork not displaying.

Fixed Issues
• Artwork screen doesn’t show for some CDs, even when track info is available on the SD card

So if you have issues with the artwork??? …3.15



Yes… I noticed this as well last week… Just stumbled on it, as I did not catch that the 3.15 was released on the forums… I loaded it without issue and there appear to be less artwork issues on my end.

Thank you for pointing this out. Just downloaded mine without problem.

Strange Paul didn’t mention the update. Anyone hear an uptick in sound quality?

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I was a little hesitant to try 3.15 when i saw the file size was 666kb. I didn’t want to have to call a priest for an Exorcism! I loaded it but did not have anytime to listen. I don’t expect any sonic change. Sadly even with this update you still must have the internet connected to get the cover art even with disks that already reside on the SD card.

I dont know…Thats what some also thought about 3.14.
Anyone care to comment on sound differences?

I have not yet installed 3.15 but my friend did.
Here is his initial impression:

“I like what I’m hearing with this version. Most notably a wider and more enveloping soundstage albeit with slightly less depth and the high end seems cleaner and airier.”

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I plan on trying 3.15…but right now I’m changing around some wiring in my system …so it will have to be put on hold awhile.

Not only does 3.15 sound better, the play button actually works reliably now.
At least on my machine it does so far.

Seems almost strange that the music now starts soon after a single press of the remote’s play button.

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I Installed 3.15 this afternoon without a hitch. It’s the best my system has ever sounded, and this was during peak grid use. Not sure I can attribute all the improvements to the new firmware update though. I rearranged some of the acoustic panels in my room the other day, which produced some favorable results. Mostly an increase in center fill and improved separation between the left and right channels. There’s no doubt that after installing 3.15 though, things improved even further. As mentioned above, the top end seems cleaner and more open or airier. I also noticed an improvement in imaging. The soundstage became wider, along with an increase in depth, but not necessarily because the soundstage reached further back. I was now hearing more music projected in front of the speakers, hence the increase in overall depth, which might also be considered more enveloping.


I agree that the Play/Pause has improved. I no longer need the long press to get it to respond. However, there is something mechanically wrong with my remote which still requires a hard press to initiate the Play/Pause (only). I can press the button with normal pressure and achieve the “click,” but no action. I must press harder than normal in order for the Play/Pause to function.

But, I agree that it no longer requires an extended “press and hold” in order to get it to respond. One quick, FIRM press gets it done for me now which is not perfect, but better. I could purchase a new remote but it’s not that big of a deal now that I know how to deal with the mechanical flaw in my remote. The work around is simply a bit more pressure on the button press for that pesky center Play/Pause button only. All other buttons works great.

All in all, it is far less annoying than before.

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So 3.15 turns out to be the first PSA f/w update that made things worse. I installed it in spite of the fact I never do cover art on my screen and always have the screen off during playback. Based on comments above, I had a slim hope 3.15 might alleviate the intermittent failure of the DMP to commence play after first loading a disc. Not only did that continue but one disc began playback somewhere in the middle of the track I selected after acting confused for a couple of seconds.

SQ was the same.

So very quickly I was back to 3.14

Did this put everything back to how it had been before for you?

An odd result.

Yes. Everything back to 3.14 normalcy.


Installed 3.15 without issue; It does improve the artwork display fluidity; which could get stuck during play backs with all previous releases; I didn’t compare back and forth with 3.14 but if memory serves, nothing bad I can say about 3.15, every CD / SACD I threw at it sounds great; I will give more time to break in and surely can live with this version;

This SACD version of Rubinstein plays Chopin’s Nocturnes were the first disc I played with 3.15; I have to say this re-issue sounds more open, airy, delicate, finer line of sound stage than the red-seal RCA CDs that I remember;

The silkiness of the Rabin’s violin is well presented through 3.15 + 3.06 combo; it has plenty air, details but does not feel artificial; really powerful representation from this combo;

The thrust, fullness, dynamics, sound stage, low end of Bear McCreary’s Outlander sound tracks are well presented with 3.15; No issues;

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We have to wait for 3.16…


And .17 and .18 and .19 ad nauseam…:roll_eyes:

I installed without problems, I have never had problems with it.
In my system a significant improvement in the sound. Strong precise bass, even more details, subtle sound. The only minus is probably more crackling when starting SACD.
Thank you to friends from PS Audio.


Keep them coming until everything works fine… Please! You have my money already and I have been very patient :neutral_face:


I updated to 3.15 and when I tried to play USB thumb drive files, they were not “read” by the DMP, as if the thumb drive was empty. I reverted back to 3.14, and the files were there and played like normal. Can anyone else confirm this?
I had a similar problem with one of the previous versions as well.