I2S Mod Install BDP-103D

Ok, I bought another Oppo BDP-103D (in case something goes horrible wrong) and a OPPOMOD I2S card and I’m ready to give the DSD stream via I2S (Oppo BDP-103D to GainCell DAC) solution a go. All of the instructions and photos I can find of the install look to be a 203 or 205, nothing showing a 103 which has a different chassis. For anyone that has installed one of these boards into a 103, any advice or photos?

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I have done it with my 103. Just make sure that the flat cables provided with the I2S card can reach the access point in the 103 before you cut the hole, and you will be fine.


Hey thanks for your reply @PerL . Couple of questions for you or anyone that may know -
There are a couple of holes pre-drilled on either side of the center cover screw hole on the back of the unit. Would it be safe to use one of these pre-drilled holes as one of the I2S board mounts? I would then only have to drill one more mounting hole and cut the notch for the HDMI interface. That should locate the I2S board right above the existing connector. Issue is that it might place the I2S board to high - too close to the cover, although I don’t think it would be touching. See photos for the area I’m talking about.

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This is where I put my card. Maybe I got longer cables…?

Mine looks just like this too