Do you clean your new records?

I have Nitty Gritty 1.5Fi, Nessie Vinyl-cleaner and an ultra sonic cleaner that does 10 records at a time. The ultrasonic cleaner is used only when I buy preowned records in bulk. I clean them using Simple Green biodegradable cleaner dissolved in purified water (not distilled), then dry them using Nitty Gritty vacuum function. For Nitty Gritty and Nessie, I use OEM cleaning fluids.

When I get brand new records, I clean them using Nessie, and replace the inner sleeves with anti statics by MoFi. Resealable outer sleeves come from Analogue Studio.

I use a VPI 16.5. It’s nice. It’s a ritual. I like it.
I emptied it’s ss fluid container contents----what’s sucked up off your records—into a large white bowl. Holy moly the gritty crap that came off the records–mostly new records–is amazing.


Where did you get the idea that ultrasonic cleaners take 10 to 20 minutes per LP? I have been using mine for three years now. It takes five minutes max. I don’t have the one by the mad scientist guy who turns if into a major pain in the bottom. I may get one of those if my bottom gets bored.

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The last one looked at was 10 minutes run time, plus pre and post prep time, so about 20 minutes, one at a time. So that’s where I got it. Kirmuss, met the man, not my plan. Pass…

That is who I was referring to. I bought another machine before he came out with his. My machine washes and dries with the press of a button and gets it done in just under five minutes. No pre or post processing. His methods and machine would be great for a truly fouled record. But for my records I don’t think his methodology is required. You might want to consider an Audio Desk Glass ultrasonic cleaner or a Degritter. Both are fast and efficient.


Yes the Kirmuss method is OCD record cleaning on steroids. Pre-cleaning, apply the “Kirmuss” method, and then ultrasonic cleaning according to his regimen is quite time comsuming. Thne ther is the post cleaning and drying using a VPI. My estimate, depending on the record condition, is 10-20 minutes for the Kirmuss method. I am aware of the Degritter, Audio Desk, Klaudio, to be released Hummingbird Guru, etc. Should I ever go the ultrasonic route it would be inserted in my current regimen after the initial VPI 16.5 cleaning, then followed by a VPI rinse and dry. I am estimating the time to do this somewhere on the order of 5-10 minutes per side.

I have seen units that can do 5-10 LPs at a time in an ultrasonic bath. I wonder about the spacing with 10 LPs in a bath; 3-5 may be doable. As I said what I do currently is working for me. Glad you are happy with a Degritter, it is just not my thing. I’m sure with time I’ll come around…

Almost bought a $1k cobbled together unit that claims to clean up to 10 records at a time, Isonic if I recall correctly. Seemed rather crude in its implementation, so I spent the cash on jazz records.


I got this on Amazon a few years back. It allows me to clean either 5 or 10. Also, I can use spacers to do less than 10 or less than 5.

I only use it when buying second hand records in bulk, but the manual says it can clean glasses, sunglasses, jewellery, etc. :grin:

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…but you also wash and vacuum dry them in a conventional cleaner afterwards, as drying is the week point of every ultrasonic, right? So both runs can take at least 10min I’d say.

That is the one I was looking at, Isonic P4875(II)+MVR10, without a heater. Ten records at a time just seems overwhelming. I did kick around the idea of stacking spacers and doing 3-4 at a time. I like the convenience of the Degritter, but what I remember is Fremmer’s review where the Degritter rep removed debris on the record surface with his hand. I thought it was odd due to the natural oils on one’s finger, seems he’d know better. You guys have me kicking around the idea once again.


Hi @weedeewop
Most budget Ultrasonic machines do not dry records. So they need to be wiped using high quality microfibre cloth, which could leave residues after a few records. When doing many, I use the vacuum function of the Nitty Gritty which I found quite effective. These machines can hit 70 or 80db and sound like Cicadas, LOL

Understood, my approach would be to use one of two VPIs for drying. Not a fan of the fan method, counterintuitive to cleaning IMO. I believe the Degritter offers drying, more or less. The HumimnGuru may as well. How effective either is in drying most likely depends on how many records are cleaned in a session.

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The Humminguru doesn’t dry, think it’s only the real premium models that do.

Edit, it does say it does in the description though, I could well be wrong, I’m very surprised of that, unless they just mean drip dry?

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Deleted, or what/ It came and when when I was reading it. The kickstarter announcement indicates it does dry, but their website also gives e reason for pause. No way I can find to get a price or how to order. I wonder if it is a valid offer.

The how it works section of the website indicates it drys.

HaHaHa :laughing:

Neat. It has a blower and an air filter :+1:t2:

According to the HumminGuru Kickstarter website the unit is USD$329 prepaid shipped. Hard to believe, or too good to be true?

That is a good price, but what is their user feedback / rating like? They operate from Hong Kong.

Only sometimes do I clean them new. I have a wet clean machine and it takes forever, but so does playing vinyl.

edit: I also have two TTs. One is out of plain sight that is still good/great, but also my go-to for vinyl that’s less than excellent/perfect. Ortofon blue versus a Dynavector 20x2 LOMC. Fluance versus Technics.

It is legit, I’ve been following closely, the Kickstarter closed for backers a while ago, but there’s a proper website now here: HumminGuru all-in-one ultrasonic vinyl record cleaner

The company making it are an established toy company based in Hong Kong, they’ve been around for a while now with a very good reputation. They have their own manufacturing facilities. The company is Happy Well International Enterprise Ltd

The release date to backers was supposed to be September, but I think it may have been delayed to October.


It is a Kickstarter campaign, they have yet to release the product. Suggest you dig into the links I provided if interested in their offering. I’m suspicious. From what I understand about their Kickstarter campaign most people who have invested figure easy come, easy go at USD$329.

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