Do you remain happy with what you have, dispite knowing there's something better out there?

I’ve been drooling over all the positive feedback coming out on the DSD MKII, and no doubt look forward to getting my mitts on one. But as I sit here composing this post, I’m thoroughly enjoying my system with the original DSD MKI, as I’m sure I will with it’s predecessor.
Life is good.


It’s a terrific place to be. Know what you like, build your system accordingly, be generally very happy.

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I am always extremely happy with what I have. Right up until I dispatch it for something new. My happiness can sometimes last a fortnight. Sometimes even longer.


Fifteen days?


I’m very happy with my system. My now once top of the line PS Audio system has been updated so my BHK 300’s and Directstream Dac are no longer the best PSA has to offer they still give me hours of enjoyment! Tho I will admit the Directstream has been powered off since the Gryphon Ethos was put in service so I definitely know there’s better out there! The Ethos has also taught me that maybe what I’ve had for years (music wise) probably sounds as good if not better then a lot of high resolution files I’ve been buying to replace them! Crazy hobby indeed!


A good criteria, I think, is if your system reliably gives you the “just one more song…” urge and you have a hard time pulling yourself away. If you build a system that way, you’re not really thinking about spending money! You’re listening to music for the emotional enjoyment, emotional rejuvenation that only music provides. At least, that’s how it has worked for me and I don’t regret at all that I didn’t have the gear I have now 10 years ago. Going to listen to music now - too much screen time!


I’m happy with where my system is. Any changes to better what I have are going to be very expensive. I’m still playing with my tube system as a secondary indulgence.

That said I feel like a fish waiting for the next shiny object!!! Who knows where I’ll end up.

I’m happy with my system, but still want to improve source and amplification as I can, because I can hear every change made. My system is so flexible. I have many tube types and spots to roll, the different modes and settings on the P15 and ZBIT and ZROCK2 allow subtle tailoring. . .It’s as if I have many systems in one. I’m looking forward next year to the Decware 300B amp and when I can a Directstream DSD Mk 2.

I have remained calm and happy lately with the new DS MK2 addition. But happiness is a state of mind that few audiophiles could maintain. Call it a disease or addiction, but at least it does no great harm to your body (could be to your mind :laughing:).

Before I retired, I had the same system for 15 years, but after my retirement I started to pay too much attention to audio stuff! Like I said, happiness is a state of mind. My system never sounded better but I still have an extensive list of potential upgrades in the back burner.

I’m absolutely in love with the sound of my system. In fact it causes me to sit far too much. My hifi is having a negative effect on my health–as well as my son’s inheritance.
But I’m quite sure that something will come along that I’m presently unaware of, that I will “need” to have. It’s a hobby like any other.

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You mean, aside from swapping fuses in a beta unit?:laughing:

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It’s simply you can only buy what you can afford to pay for. Buy the best that you can afford and don’t listen to anything better than what you have. This way you will always be happy with your setup. :grin:


I am fortunate that I do not know any high-end audiophile nearby. That would be very troublesome for my happiness. My relatives were never told the real $$ I spent on it because they already think I spent too much, and they would think my holiday gifts were too cheap! :grin:

I have not attended many audio shows either in some time, for a good reason.

Very succinctly, and well stated. Of course we here tend to fall off the wagon with the last sentence (see related threads).:cowboy_hat_face:

Wait a minute - second Half of the second sentence.

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I was happy with my system until today, with the FR20 now ready for purchasing


It’s been a year since I’ve made any changes to my system. Every time I sit down for listening session I can’t believe how good is sounds. Of course the FR20’s might be fun to try…

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After having added vinyl to the mix, the world is a new, better place for me. Right now is pretty great.

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I prefer to think of lovers of Hi-Fi and music as being aspirational, as opposed to intermittently or continuously dissatisfied/unhappy.

Speaking for myself, I aspire to increase my enjoyment of reproduced music and the kit that makes it possible by learning about music, equipment, recording engineering, artists, etc., and seeking to improve the quality and performance of the room, equipment and recordings I own on a semi-continuous basis.

It’s a journey for me, not a destination; and I intend to continue on the journey as long as my circumstances and financial wherewithal will allow me to do so.


It’s like so many things that make for the best living. Live in the moment and enjoy but strive for better when and while you can.