DS/Bridge 2 can't play continuously with mConnect or plugplayer

Hi All,
I need someone to help.
I have a Bridge 2 install a couple months ago and got two problems:
1) I couldn't keep mconnect or plugplayter to continue play songs on multiple devices. It will sometimes stop after playing one or two songs. If I'm lucky, I get it to play 3+. I reloaded the Yale and Yale (final beta) and couldn't help.
2) I can no longer access the DS page via web browser
I think I have problem 1 below after firmware upgraded to 1.23 but can't confirm as I couldn't go back to the last firmware. Problem 2 since I upgraded to Bridge 2.
Thank you in advance.
My unit ID is 030366
Bootloader 1.13
Firmware 1.6.4
Bridge 1.2.3
FPGA 0.91
USG: 00.33
Rev: 0126

Web page access is not a feature available on Bridge 2, unfortunately. In my own case I haven’t found that to be a problem as in my system the connectivity has been very reliable, but I understand that you’d normally have expected the same functionality.

I’ve had good luck with mConnect but I use minimserver at the back end.

seattlelee, I’m not sure what you mean by “on multiple devices.” What exactly are you trying to do?

Was everything working ok before Bll ? Sounds to me like it might be a network problem.