DSD Mk1 losing Bridge 2…

Two days ago I have lost the Bridge 2 as a “Play to” device in Mconnect. That has happened before, but closing Mconnect and restarting in my iPhone restored it. Right now, not so lucky.

Nothing on my network has changed. I checked the network connection on the Mk1 screen and it’s DHCP, but also says “not connected”.

Little help!

Reboot the DSD Mk 1.

Done multiple times.

Back to the drawing board – hopefully someone else has the right answer.

This happened to me early on. I reseated the BII and the problem never came back.

Sometimes, in such situations, it’s necessary to reboot the whole network. Shut down everything. Then reboot starting with the router, then the network switch, anything else in the chain, and finally the DS Mk1. Then restart the phone and see what happens.

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This usually does the trick, IME.

It is important to turn everything off as opposed to putting any gear on standby, and be sure to wait at least five minutes before powering everything back up (starting with the router/modem and ending with the DAC).

Also it never hurts to do the Hokey Pokey and turn yourself around a couple of times.


Good luck


Thank you for the good advice; it worked! I had previously reset my cable modem/router using the button on the box, to no avail, but yanking the power chord, patiently waiting (not my strong suit) and power things back on as you suggested did the trick.

Now I can listen to what I want instead of scrounging through the one box of CDs I can easily reach.


Did you do the Hokey Pokey?


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Yeah, for about four hours and my dogs are barking! :laughing: