Trouble Linking DAC to JRiver


I haven’t used my Directstream DAC for a while. Now that I try JRiver doesn’t list the DAC as an option to pick. Nothing has changed in my system, house or computer. I’ve ran a different Ethernet cable directly to the modem, no luck. The light is blinking orange on the bridge, I can’t remember if that should be green.

Thanks for any help.


On my Xfinity Gateway a green light indicates a 1GB connection while orange is the slower (between 200 to 300 Mps for my service) connection. One thing I’ve noticed is that sometimes having the DAC turned on beforehand will “prompt” JRiver to see it when it’s invoked.


Reset the bridge. It should show “green”. See if that helps. If it does not. Exit JRMC and close the software. Then, power down everything in the wireless and ethernet path from the DAC all the way up stream to your router/modem. Count to 20; and then power everything up one at a time starting with the router/modem and concluding with the DAC. Start JRMC again. I cannot explain why this works, but it usually restores the “handshakes” between the various parts in the “network”.


Thanks for the suggestions, nothing worked. It’s on the back to Boulder. Hopefully, they have the cure.


Bummer. Good luck.