Help with DSjr update

Received USB stick with Windom, followed instructions in manual. Insert USB stick turn off power at back wait 10 seconds power back up. The Ps blue logo is flashing rapidly for the past three hours, the screen is blank. I believe you shouldn’t power off while the update is transferring , what do I do now.

This happens on VERY rare occasions. I don’t have a good explanation for why, but essentially the DSJ is done updating and it just never triggered to restart and initialize the unit properly. If you power down the unit, unplug the USB stick, all should be OK and Windom will have successfully loaded. Unsettling, I know. But all should be good.

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I just heard a click and the unit is alive again . However the operating system is still Snowmass. Thanks for your help but I think a stay with Snowmass. That is OK, after all “there is no place like home”.

Wait really? After 3 hours it initialized finally?


That’s pretty crazy and I’ve never heard that happen before. You could certainly give it another shot if you wanted. You won’t hurt anything.

gave it one more try, this time with all imputs and outputs disconnected. PS logo flashed rapidly for a few seconds then the display came on but it is still Snowmass.

Are you able to load the drive into your computer and see what files are loaded on there?

DSJ 0300.hex
for 14604.hex
loader. cfg
usbl 0023.hex

I’m going to shoot you a quick email.