DS Mk2 Manual version?

In early February, I downloaded the DS Mk2 manual, whose filename ends in ‘Rev_C1’. Today I looked for an updated manual, just in case, and found one whose filename ends in ‘Rev_A’. I assume that the one available for download is the most current, but the names seem to contradict that.

Furthermore, the manuals have no indication in them (as far as I could find) of which revision one is looking at. I strongly suggest that this information appear in the header or footer on each page as well as on the first page. It’s just good practice to let people know what they are dealing with.


I suppose a new revision wil come out around April 10th. Hopefully updated as a full official version.

Couldn’t agree more with the suggestion.

I would also suggest that, whenever the manual is updated, “release notes” be included somewhere that describe what has changed since the prior version.


Followup: I figured this out. Looking at the PDF Properties confirms that Rev_A is older and Rev_C1 newer.

On the PSA website, if you go to Shop>Categories>DACS and Sources>DS Mk2>Download (scroll down for this), you get the newer one. Going to Support>Manuals>DS Mk2 gets you the old Rev_A. This obviously should be fixed.