DS Mk2 output shutting off

I am about to box the DS Mk2 and ship it to PS Audio to take a look but I thought I would check here if anybody else had experienced this particular issue:
After playing (from Roon) for a random amount of time, the DAC shuts off output. This happens with both balanced and unbalanced connection to the BHK preamp. Roon is still playing but no sound is heard whatsoever.
When this happens, just putting the DAC in standby and then off standby (pressing the front led power button twice) restores the music right away.


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I opened a support ticket with ps audio 2 days about about this exact same issue. rarely happens during the day when i am adjusting volume, mute and switching inputs but at night when I leave it streaming music from my intel nuc pc > audirvana > usb > dac mk2 I wake up in the morning and the pc is still playing but no output out of the mk2 even if i switch inputs no output… fix is always power off / power on and its back to operating normally. No response from my support ticket yet.

I wonder if it might be the Nuc turning off the USB output by starting in some sort of “sleep” mode?

The only reason I mention it is one of my work PC workstations turns off the USB port running my trackball after a few hours of non use.

The only way to wake it back up (other than a reboot) is pull the USB cable and plug it back in. An annoying but so far unsolvable mystery and only on one machine.

As long as the trackball remains in use for some unknown intervals of time it never stops responding.

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Anything possible, its not like its a huge deal. I only opened a support ticket so if it up and died one day 12 months from now they would have a record of the issue

I experienced it once about june or july this year. I got frustrated and thought it was my Bacch4mac. Edgar confirmed to hunt elsewhere. I checked all cable connections. No joy I finally did a Mk2 factory reset and has not recurred.

I have experienced similar but only over the last few days.

@2muchgear @LRoss78550 if this recurs can you look at the DAC Mk2 screen and report what it is showing while no sound is apparent?

For me this happens when going from one track to the next (or between albums).
During an album of DSD files for example the next track will become silent after a second or so and the DAC screen will have changed to 384/24 while Roon is still showing playing DSD.

Similarly I can be playing a PCM album and the next track will show DSD64 on the DAC screen while Roon continues at say 96/24 again with no sound.

The issue is gone after a power reset of the DAC.

Thank you everyone for the feedback.
@LRoss78550 your issue seems to be same as mine. I do not need to power off the DAC to regain sound though, using the standby button in the front does the trick for me.

@Baldy Sound shuts off for me when input is I2S as well, not only USB. I have tried the different “input power” settings (on and auto) for both I2S and USB but they made no difference in regards to this issue.

@Vmax the issue has persisted through several firmware updates, but I am trying the factory reset you suggested now.

@JohannSeb For me sound stops mid track.

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Durn it. That does not support my USB for audio is inferior narrative.


I hope you and the others impacted by this intermittent issue figure out the fix soon.

I am streaming local files to AirLens and Roon via i2s to the DAC.
AL is on (latest) v2.7.0 with CDM 4.3.95 and Roon RAAT 1.1.41

Wondering if it could be an AL or Roon issue. Stopping and starting Roon Server hasn’t helped, nor reinstalling Massive + factory reset (the issue actually persisted through powering the DAC off and on again today)

A hard restart of the AL and haven’t had the issue recur for a couple of hours. Lets see.

Is it possible the mute function is being activated? If it happens again hit the mute button on the remote to see if sound comes back.

Mine quit doing it, last 2 nights when i return in the morning its still outputting music.
Fingers Crossed

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Dang computers anyway. :frowning:

The DS Mk2 factory reset delay the reappearance of the issue but it did happen again after a couple of days. When it did I actually have to use the power switch to get sound back, standby did not do it.
My DS Mk2 is now on the Fedex track on its way to PS Audio so they can check it out.

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