DS vs DS Mk2?

I also have the PerfectWave SACD Transport with galvanically isolated output; will it be any advantages with double galvanically isolated outputs from both the source and the DAC?

I imagine so but. . .it’s a new territory for me. Will find out!

I suspect that it will be minimal. Paul said the following in another thread regarding the extra isolation in the Airlens:

“It’s a good question and the answer is that the extra isolation found in the AirLens won’t be a big advabntage (if at all). But, it’s still a great way to get data off the network.”

I would think the same will hold true for the isolation in the SACD Transport.

I am thinking the same but wonder if it may help somehow. Thanks.

I reread the Robert Harley review last night of the $145000 Wadax Atlantis Reference DAC in TAS.His observations of that DAC are the kinds of qualities the I hope the MK II can address in some way. “We’ve all lived with these limitations of digital- textures are thinned, tone colors bleached, and instrumental timbre is overlaid with a whitish haze. Although these artifacts have been greatly reduced in recent years, even the best DACs have not completely banished this character. The Reference DAC, in one giant leap, makes digital sound utterly smooth, liquid, and analog-like.”
Probably it’s going to take a product like the TSS to begin to approach this level of performance but one can hope that the Mk II can take us several steps in that direction.
It’s interesting that Wadex is using “a proprietary method of galvanic isolation” with their products much like Ted is using with the Mk II and the TSS.

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If nickel transformers improve the sound as much as it did on my DS then we are in for a treat with the MKII. :smiley:


To the Wadax??? Oh yeah, probably…

I thought that was $14,500 at first.
I looked it up and it is $145,000.
A comma helps.

Yes it is ; )
Only $145k

IMHO - I have to say that comparing a $145K DAC to an $8K DAC seems absurd.


Why not? They both fall into the mid-Fi range these days.

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Right. I wonder how many dacs with msrp over $10k folks have heard when they make comments like that (psst: there’s a correlation to sound quality most of the time).

But I suppose there’s probably somebody on the Schitt site who thinks Schitt’s $500 dac would smoke the Mk2 - same deal. Everything is skewed a bit on a manufacturer’s forum, and that’s fine

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Yes I agree. Expecting it to have a similar sound may be even more absurd. I know the MK2 is good but it has its limitations.


The TAS review of the Wadax Reference DAC appeared in the January 2021 issue-exactly 2 years ago. That’s a fair amount of time in the digital world. My hope is some of that magic from that $145,000 DAC may have trickled down to the more reasonably priced DACs like Teds latest efforts. Time will tell if this hope actually bares fruit. I’m looking forward to some unbiased reviews in the coming months. The UK magazine HiFi news supposedly is coming out with theirs in their next issue. I’m looking forward the read their take.

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To me what is really absurd is anyone buying a DAC for $145,000.


My GF recently started working in a Madison Ave retailer, where people regularly drop six figures on clothing. So while it’s seems irrational to spend that much on a Dac, imagine if it were the equivalent of a hundred fifty dollars, which for some it is.

Just because some people are filthy rich does not change the fact that is outrageous!

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No more outrages than our expenditures on audio.

Just ask the average consumer. :slight_smile:


Exactly what I was thinking, it had better roomba too, at the least. I can’t imagine that $10k more than the Mk2 could be justifiable let alone discernible. I am listening to Mk2 as I write this and I’m not sure my ears are good enough handle anything “better” than this. If I were of the means to be able to, I would enjoy the magic I am hearing right now even more if I knew I had donated that difference to … fill in the blank.


Can’t tell you how many times I’ve updated a component and I thank this is the ultimate and it can’t get better than this. Then time passes and a new and improved component comes out and it proves that I was wrong. I felt that way when CDs first came out. That feeling didn’t last long in that case, but that’s another story. Point is, sometimes a industry hits a point in time when performance that was previously only available at price points well beyond what’s acceptable to the majority of enthusiasts trickles down. I can only hope that might be the case for the TSS or even the MK II to some extent. If digital sound were to evolve to the point where the major problems were solved, at a price I could live with, and it could sound like the best from analog I would be more than happy. It will happen someday. For me the question is will it happen in my lifetime when my ears are still able to hear the difference.

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