DSS with age, often has to be reset

I was an early adopter of the DSS. Now that it is older it often just stops playing. Everything is well within spec with my outboard gear. It always worked. I now have to flip the rear rocker and reinitialize. I was wondering if there is any remedy for this? For instance could PS Audio send me a copy of “force” load Windom? would that perhaps help? Or do I have the wrong idea as to why it is doing this completely? Perhaps it is aging capacitors ETC? My screen never did work. Thank you

To diagnose it matters a lot whether you are using the Bridge, USB or the other (simpler) inputs. Outside of the Bridge it’s not likely that a software reload would fix it.
Still you don’t need a force load of Windom, simply install some other release and then install Windom again.
(Assuming it’s not a brain fart and the display ended up turned off) there’s a chance that the display not working is related to the crashes. The control processor that controls the display also controls the rest of the DAC.
One last possibility that comes to mind is that some non PS Audio I2S inputs may provide 5V. This isn’t good for said devices or for the DS. Leaving the DS powered of with said device on may be a bad thing for the display/control processor.
A call to PS Audio support may result in other things to check and/or a solution.

Thank you Ted. I am only using USB. I will call support tomorrow. I do not really want to repair it. As you know I have better DAC’s. At this point I will wait for the TSS.