DSD DAC Display Question

Couldn’t find any other instances of this particular question, but I’ve got a kind of weird mirror image of the volume and track time indicators on the bottom of my DSD OLED screen. So how there’s normally (?) a bar with arrows on either end…that is mirrored directly below in the middle of which the level for each (track time and volume, going left to right) is displayed. Is this normal? Would a picture help?

Why not post a photo?

Completely normal, and was an aesthetic choice. You can vaguely see it in the pictures for the DSD here.

Very similar to the reflective picture of the DSD on our website.

Thanks. Yes, that’s what I was talking about. Good to know.

P.S. To the other user (speed racer), I almost posted a photo but the song that happened to be playing might have offended some other readers. Was waiting until I had a chance to get a more appropriate pic. In case you’re wondering the song was by the band Phantastic Ferniture.