How to Interpret DSD Display Screens?

Does anyone know if a primer has been written describing what items on each display page on the DSD mean and what to look for if there is a problem? For instance, I saw recently that the icon for the network on the first page had a red outline around it. I thought that may mean something, probably not good, but didn’t know what. There aren’t any detailed descriptions in the users manual to help. Maybe Ted, with all of his free time :roll_eyes:, could come up with something like this. Just a thought…

With an attitude like that I hope no one helps you.

What’s that supposed to mean?

Did you miss something or read into glassetcher’s question? He was clearly being facetious when he said “Maybe Ted, with all his free time …”. His question is valid and such a primer would be quite useful.

Thank you, that’s exactly what I meant.

I didn’t write any of that code, so I’m probably not the best one to do it. The manual has some of it. But unlike a lot of the current “Easter egg hunt” style of user interfaces these days, most of the features are pretty straightforward. The little green or red dot in the currently selected input “button” roughly indicates that something is connected on that input, but the algo used to detect that differs for each input, so it’s hard to describe concisely but accurately. Most of the other non “eye candy” items also have text to describe what they mean. Except for the aforementioned red/green dot in the current selected input button, there’s nothing so subtle as boundaries around something using different colors to indicate different states.

I had the same thoughts re: the downloads page for firmware. Very cryptic for us mere mortals. It took me a few days but I think I finally cracked the code.