Upgraded to the newest iOS and now no streaming viv Bridge 2...?What do I do?

I updated my phone and iPad to the latest iOS, and now the DSD doesn’t stream …us Connect, Tidal and Bridge 2 …any ideas?

Are you still having trouble with it? A few in a different thread mentioned that it started working again for them.

Yes…it’s back today…Any idea why it happened, should it re-occur?

Oh man, how happy I’d be if I knew things like this. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Seem it happen to any application that uses multicast for discovery local network resources in latest iOS 14.2 by Apple due to new policies, you may need to go to the settings, locate your app and go inside and enbale the Local Network toggle. (I had to reupdate serveral mobile apps to these new changes by Apple) . Hope this help

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There have been two upgrades to MConnect after the latest iOS release. Sometimes app developers are caught up in major OS upgrades. The joys of tech!