DSJr Bridge, New user needs advice


Apologies if this is in the wrong spot or too trivial but I am rapidly running out of ideas (competence)… I have ran the DSJr happily (Redcloud) for a few months both with CD transport into the optical input and raspberry Pi into the USB fed by wifi from a LMS installed on my laptop.
Today I had ethernet installed to my music room and was able to connect from my router directly to the bridge… but what next? The LMS on my laptop does not see the bridge. I have downloaded Mconnect and Mcontrol to my phone and can get , for example, internet radio to work… the M apps appear to be able to see the Bridge. I cannot find an M- anything to download to my laptop to supercede the LMS and I suspect that is what I need… would someone be able to confirm that the LMS needs replacing or give me any helpful advice?



So the DSJ is connected successfully to the network and has a local IP?

I cannot assume the DSJr is connected to the network although the Mcontrol app on my phone can definitely ‘see’ it.

If I run advanced IP scanner from my desktop, there is an active IP address that has a manufacturer stated as ConversDigitalCo I suspect that may be the bridge?



Yes, that is the bridge. It’s connected to the network. If you open the Spotify web player it will see the DSJ as a Spotify Connect device.

Scrolling through the DSJr screen I can confirm the IP address as as previous

You should be Thunderbirds GO! now.

I am afraid the problem remains of getting the Logitech Media Server to see the Bridge…

I’ve yet to play around with LMS, but is it UPNP? It will need to be in order to “see” the Bridge II.

So I’ve been trying to do a bit of research, and I found what I think is a helpful link. https://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?103728-Announce-UPnPBridge-integrate-UPnP-DLNA-players-with-LMS-(squeeze2upnp)
I’m still learning, but it seems as though there need to be some plugins in order to make it a UPNP device. Keep us posted if you find some good information.

I use LMS for my wife’s system (Squeezebox Touch feeding a Sprout) but it does not see the Bridge as a player natively. The plug-in that jamesh links to looks to be worth a shot.

Thanks for the info so far… the plug in for LMS is an option but I cannot find the correct one. I would be happy to ditch the LMS in favour of a server program that will work with M Control…

You might consider minimserver. It’s donation-ware so you can try it for free and it is available for a wide variety of platforms (PC, Mac, various NAS drives, etc.).

Thanks to those that have responded… overnight is a long time. This morning the M Connect app on my phone recognises the LMS as a source and will stream direct to the DSJr Bridge… go figure.

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Computer-based audio is nothing if it’s not unpredictable. Go figure indeed.

A success story, and with minimal effort required, congratulations!

Tell us more about your installation. Why use LMS? Have you tried Spotify Premium with your DSJ? Having the choice of 30 million songs to send down a cheap network cable to a DSJ without needing any other hardware (apart from a control system) is the way of the future.

@Brodric , I have no real justification for my approach other than the 1000,s of tracks I have on hard drive that is my music collection. I do agree with you that streaming is the future. I read good things about Tidal but i have not even investigated availability in Australia… Spotify Premium may well be worth a try.



I’ve tried Spotify Premium, Spotify Vanilla, and Tidal Premium. Tidal comes last.