Duplicate Open Home renderers in conflict for my Bridge 2 using Bubble UPnP


I have the Perfectwave DAC mk2 with bridge 2.

I control it using Bubble UPnP server installed on my Synology NAS server and the Buble UPnP Controller app on my android tab (or smartphone).

Using Bubble Upnp Server’s control panel, I emulated the bridge 2 as an Open Home renderer and It did stabilize the music flows and make the transition beween titles more rapid, either playing music from my NAS or from Quobuz (Hi-res). Gapless also was not a problem.

However, recently, the Open Home Bridge dit not appear anymore for a while and somehow, by selecting the option again in Bubble UPnP Server’s control panel, it did create a second Open Home renderer for my Bridge 2.

Now, in the Buble UPnP controller, I intermittently see 2 Open home Bridges with different IP addresses and they do conflict with one another: cutting playlists, replacing the current playlist with a former ghost playlist, etc.

In the server control panel, I see my bridge only once.

I have no clue how I can remove one of them, if this Open Home “emulation” is stored in Bubble Upnp Server or the bridge or elsewhere.

I tried to initialize the bridge by powering it off, to reser Buble UPnP Server, to turn off the NAS, to close the Control app on my tab, etc. But the second open Ome Bridge renderer always ends up reappearing soon or later.

Can anyone help?

Thanks in advance