Email displayed in quoted text! Not good.

I saw something unusual today in the “Artwork for Roon” thread.

Someone quoted one of my replies, and instead of attributing my user name “Rob H.”, the quoted text revealed my email address.

According to my profile, my “login name” is that email address, but my “user name” is and has always been Rob H. As far as I’m aware, I’ve always logged in with my email and password, but have been masked by my user name.

Clearly, this is an issue in terms of privacy. I’ve not changed anything lately, so I’d like to ask if this is a glitch, or if I did something wrong.


Wow! Definitely not good.

I’ll dig to see if I can see anything that changed.

(I deleted your post where you removed the contents of your post in the other thread.)

Thanks, @Elk

I was completely startled when a quoted text from Thyname, instead of reading “Rob H. said…”, had my email address. It was slightly off in terms of special characters, so the bots probably won’t get it right, but still.

Please PM me if there’s a fix, or if I can help in any way.


I can’t find anything amiss. I also tried quoting you in a variety of locations with nothing untoward happening.

Both frustrating and disturbing this occurred.

We need to keep a close eye on this, for you and everyone else.

Indeed. Thanks for handling, Elk, and sorry Rob.

Please everyone keep a look out for anything like this and let us know if you see a problem.

While it doesn’t help in the here and now, I did have this happen to me a couple of times in the past (more than a year ago). Disconcerting, but I don’t think any serious harm came of it.

Typically it is not a problem, but if the wrong bot harvests your email address you can be deluged with spam. It can render an email address unusable.