EMITs Infinity RS 4.5s

I have been blessed to acquire a magnificent pair of RS-4.5s and the Crossover/Equalizer unit that came with them. Sadly, I’ve discovered that none of the (8) EMITs seem to be working. Still, these Jurassic Gems sound better than anything I’ve ever owned! I’m not yet an audiophile from a technical aspect, not even close. However, I am a huge music lover and enthusiast of superb audio reproduction. I have short term plans to take them to a local shop “The Soundroom” (St. Louis) to have a professional troubleshoot my issue. In the meantime, I’m looking for advice on repair or replacement of these EMIT’s, in the event they are actually the problem. It would be a crying shame and frankly, it would break my heart to see these iconic monuments relegated to the fossil record. Any and all advice is appreciated.
FYI: Not yet owning equipment worthy of these speakers, I jumpered the speaker sections and drove them with a single Yamaha M-70. I’m not even sure if this was a satisfactory (albeit primitive) way to run them?




It is highly unlikely the EMIT tweeters all fired and make no sound. I think you’ll find they have a crossover problem and are likely alright.

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Thank you for your quick response! I am so pleased to hear your encouraging opinion. I was really fearing the worst. I will get them checked and post any update.

I found a pair of 4.5 passive crossovers for sale. My question is… if this sounds like an appropriate upgrade/repair, or should consider having my own properly restored to original configuration?
Seller quote: The parts were upgraded (schematic is original), and at least to my ears sounded much cleaner than stock. Key electrolytic cap was replaced with a bank of film caps; all other caps were replaced with red Wimas, and by-passes used throughout.

Also, it has occurred to me that your suggestion of likely crossover issues may have referred to the Active/EQ unit?

So what ever happened ? I was watching those crossovers myself. Did you get the issues worked out and what do you think.

Passed on the crossovers. Turns out, there was nothing wrong with mine. I overlooked the 1/8 amp fuse in the active crossover/eq unit. Speakers sounded great until I fried the inadequate midfi amp I was using for the woofs. I’m hoping the speakers weren’t hurt in the process. I knew better than to stretch it out given the amps I was using. Guess it sounded so good I couldn’t help myself.