End of the NUC era (Roon Core option)

Kind of sad. A standardized platform like this enabled a lot of applications across multiple industries.


I assume the demand has decreased quite a lot or maybe the margins have become unacceptable?

I’m on my second NUC (R.O.C.K.) and hope it lasts a while longer.

encouraging others to continue making them, although whether that translates into continued development is anyone’s guess…

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Really not a good development! I have an Intel Nuc 8 and it just makes Roon so easy - I do like the compact factor and price saving over the Nucleus.

Innuous, Antipodes, Melco and others who have inbuilt storage will likely pick up a bit of the trade?


A friend with a deep background in the semiconductor industry explained that Intel’s current strategy is to focus on its core chip business. He seemed to feel that the NUC business was not where they wanted to be and that perhaps another entity would take up that mission using Intel’s processors. It doesn’t render our existing Nuclei obsolete nor does it suggest that Roon ROCK would no longer support us…

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Asus are saying that they are taking on the job. Can’t say I’m thrilled about this as of late they’ve been guilty of some awful quality and service errors. I’m sure others that make these Room boxes will hopefully see this as a chance to grow anyway. I’m not really too upset, I’ve been Team Red for ages.

Re: @hikerpunk post.