End of the run for the DMP! What’s next?

I have been trying to recall. Definitely not Apple.

Is the feeling wrong, that all the ~6k units (e.g. DMP, DS, Octave) have quite different technical and conceptual effort put in and their relevance to the system is also quite different? Is the equal price point more related to a marketing strategy?

In my perception of effort/price the DS would rank on top, then Octave also due to SW effort, then DMP. Regarding overall sound influence to the setup I would even see the DS far ahead of the others.

But for sure the value is in the demand of the customer and the competitiveness of the product compared to others…

I’ve never copied anything to CD in my life.

Paul,why more cost than the DMP?

Why? Now that I finally have a Direct Stream DAC I did hope one day that I could play my SACDs through it, when I could afford a unit that can do that. Is that possibility out the window now?

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I’m obviously not in the know here, but Paul has previously said their product MSRP comes about as a simple ratio of the cost of the parts.

Why? Because they can’t buy an OEM SACD optical drive of the required quality I suppose. Any SACD player can be connected to the DS and play a SACD, just not as DSD native resolution (unless you buy a DMP).

Just a guess but there’s a LOT more inside the new one and it will have a fancier chassis to more closely match the upcoming Ted Smith Signature DAC.

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Will the new DS 2 match the new transport?

Various reasons Paul could likely spell out (or has before here somewhere). The company that made the drives they used for the DMP (Oppo) stopped making that sort of thing. So the DMP is the unit you want if you want to play SACDs via I2S through your DS DAC. I think there probably weren’t that many of us.

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Am I reading too much into this, that the upcoming Ted Smith wonder will be sooner than later?

Pimping the DMP2 chassis to match the wonder DAC is a good move, even if it makes DMP2 a few $k more than the DMP. DMP2 needs to make a very clean break in every which way from its problematic predecessor. If it’s being pitched to customers in the same pedigree as the wonder DAC then it needs to work properly in all regards on day 1 (…and not 2+ years later).

Jays Audio CDT2 mk2 transport…This player sure is getting some great press and looks the part…And the price is hard to beat @ $2,125.00 US.

The Jays Audio CDT-3-MK2 transport [looks the same but different parts selection] is a higher priced unit @ $3,863.00 US. Interesting times for sure…

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So this Jay’s Audio player would allow for an i2s connection to a Direct Stream? But for CDs only, not SACDs?

Correct uses PS Audio I2s standard but Redbook only just like the Nuprime CDT-8.


Music Direct still has some…


I will be one of those standing pat too!

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I just started an order for 20 of them…the on-line ordering portal says in-stock…I find it difficult to believe they have 20 of them, or even one, after the SM sale last month when they were $2K cheaper.

Order them And tell us if they all arrive.


I would call Walter at Underwood HiFi first if I was in the market for one.

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I’d have to raid the parking meter cookie jar to complete the order…

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