Equalizer w/ Sprout 100

I have a Schiit 4 band equalizer and I thought I could connect it to the Sprout 100. The speakers I am using really could use equalization and right now I am simply using the equalizer built into Google Music.

Is this even feasible? Are there other, better ways to equalize that others use? Thanks all!

You can probably use it in front of the Sprout but only for one SE source at a time.

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So my config is sprout/speakers/blue tooth devices. So I tried
sprout/out to equalizer in
equalizer/out to sprout in

It plays, which I am not surprised, but it does not seem to provide equalization

Would have no effect on Bluetooth sources only sources with SE analog in cables like a DAC or CD player.

THAT is what I was considering as I was futzing with it

I’ll play around with direct connect and/or other means to equalize from the source

What are your sources and why are you using Bluetooth instead of Wifi or a direct connection?

I had a similar problem with my AVR and my Bose Series 2 EQ. No one puts tape monitor loops into their products anymore. WTF ?

Then I did this and it integrated perfectly into my Stellar Stack.

Sony STR-DN1080