Error unzipping P12 V2.11 firmware

I just got a used P12 and it has firmware V2.06. I downloaded V2.11 and when I unzipped it, I got the following warning.

There are some data after the end of the payload data.

This makes me wonder if something in the zip file is corrupt, so I don’t want to do the upgrade until I can confirm that everything is OK.

Here is a screen shot from 7Zip showing the CRC values for each file.

Also, there are no release notes, and I don’t see any previous versions under the Product Update Archives, so nothing to fall back on if the V2.11 update fails.

Did you try downloading again and, if so, did you get the same warning upon unzipping?

If so, I would coordinate with PS Audio before moving ahead.

Yes, I deleted all files that I had downloaded and unzipped, and downloaded the Zip file again, and got the same warning. I just checked the 4Gb SD card that was in the back and it is empty.

I suggest giving PS Audio a call.

The file downloads and unzips fine for me, without an error.

I did another test and the error does not occur when I extract the files with the Windows extract option. It only occurs when I use 7Zip to extract the files. However, I have used 7Zip for years and have never gotten an error like this, including on Firmware/OS updates for several other PS Audio products.

I will contact PS Audio and see what they have to say.

Meanwhile, I would appreciate it if someone could post or send me a copy of the V2.10 firmware Zip file so that I have something to fall back on.

I just got with Mark and it appears he just send you the 2.11 files. Keep us posted if you have any trouble getting that loaded.

The files I got from Mark were not zipped. I used Notepad++ to compare each file to the ones that I unzipped, and they were identical, except for the first line in LOADER.CFG. The one I unzipped had ID = PWRN9998, while the one that Mark sent had ID = PWRN9999.

I believe that PWRN9999 in the file Mark sent me tells the P12 to load the firmware each time the P12 is powered up (called a forced load), whereas the version I unzipped should only load one time.

Having verified that the files that I unzipped were the same as what Mark sent (with that one small difference), I copied the files I unzipped to the supplied SD card and successfully updated the firmware to V2.11.

Still no release notes for V2.11 and someone in another thread asked what was fixed in V2.11. That would be good to know.

Thanks for letting us know it worked.