P12 will not load 2.11 and no options in Archives

My 2 day old P12 is suddenly dead. It had 2.06 firmware (worked great!) so I just tried 3 times to update it to 2.11. It gets to the screen “initializing” then goes dark and nothing further happens. I had to use the 8GB sd drive that came with my DS Dac as the supplied 4GB sd drive is not recognized by 3 different computers. In doing the first two tries with 2.11, I just erased the existing files and loaded the new files (6 including loader) and the 3rd time I “erased” the 8GB drive using the Mac disc utility and selected FAT format.
The P12 will not load nor will it start up without the sd drive so it’s now unusable.

I saw a recent topic on firmware 2.09 not loading and that 2.10 fixed that issue. But I cannot find any older P12 versions on the Archive page. Does anybody have any suggestions for tonight before I call PS Audio in the morning? Thank you in advance!

With a failed software update, especially if you used an SD that once contained software for a different device, you are best off waiting it out until you speak to PS Support directly. You do realize that if you had a force load version of the DS DAC software on that SD, and it wasn’t erased properly, the P12 update might have tried to load the forced DS DAC software? And if that happens, as far as I know, the P12 will be permanently bricked.

Each time I use the same SD drive before loading my DS DAC, I delete the old files and copy in the new. It should have worked loading new files to a different device. The P12 manual does not provide any advice or process for this operation, so I may have made an “unknowing” error.

I was not surprised to find that the P12 had older firmware. I’m in Canada and it could have sat in a warehouse for a few months. I got the DS DAC in November 2018 and it had Torreys firmware, two versions back from Snowmass.

If the unit initializes and then goes blank, it is just going into standby. Press the logo button on the top left of the unit and it will wake back up.

Yes! That did it! Thanks James.

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Awesome, thanks for keeping us posted!

Broderic: I asked for suggestions and you created a possible scenario about my P12 becoming a brick. That bothered me overnight even though I did not buy your logic. I also think you created unnecessary doubt about PS Audio’s product, and such comments make it appear that working with computer files can be risky. I just missed the fact that the logo button was a standby switch so it would be an easy thing to try. Your comment had me busy for quite awhile doing formatting, reloading, etc hoping that it would come back to life, that it had not become a brick. If you can’t be constructively helpful, perhaps you should refrain from commenting.

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I disagree with you. I never thought to mention the blindingly obvious like try the power button on the front. There’s an assumption that you probably tried that already. It turned out you hadn’t. Somebody else did say it, and it worked for you. I said “you are best off waiting it out until you speak to PS Support directly”. And that’s what happened, they got back to you with an answer that worked. I never said do all those things that you took it upon yourself to do.

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