P12 firmware update will not load

The new firmware update 2.09 will not load on my P12. This is the first time it has happen to me. All the firmwares has never had any problems loading on my DS Sr. or my DMP in the past. Never. Don’t know what the problem is with the P12. Has anybody else have this problem?

Same here, software 2.09 will not load.


It is typically because the files are not properly on the SD card or the SD card is not properly formatted. Did you remove them from the zip file and the folder?

I format the card as I usually do and delete from the trash also. The zip files are removed from the folder also. I have done upgrades with the same cards on the DSD dac and DMP without any problems whatsoever in the past, so I know the problem is either with the files or the P12.

Hi Paul,
Maybe there is a way to force load the files. How important are the upgrade anyway? I just use the P12 with everything powered up all the time and have no need for it to turn any component on and off. All the other features works fine and I couldn’t ask for more from it as far as sound quality goes, as matter of fact, I have never experience a power conditioner with this level of improvement to the sound. It’s fine as it is without any firmware upgrade.

I think this one had a fix for the scaling of the meter display. Full scale deflection on the P12 load meter is actually full load of a P15. So the P12 with the previous software, its load meter is actually under-indicating the actual load .

Maybe that’s why with my whole system plugged into the P12 including a 200 watt power amp, I’m reading about 159 watts on the load meter. That’s with the music blasting pretty loud.
Thanks Brodric for the info.

That’s why. Your P12 thinks it is a P15.

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Seems as if this is correct from what you’ve written here. Let me see if I can get someone in engineering to help on Tuesday.

Here also no update possible with P12, tried three different sd cards. No lights blinking. No update… SD cards are oki doki. Formatted MS dos FAT 32


Me too. Same problem. Curious as to what this update addresses?

What the update addresses was discussed above.

Not that there is a need to have the network cable plugged in, but if you do, try unplugging it and update.

Thanks for all of the patience. Our team hopped on it immediately and we should be good now. (Small typo in the zipped file) You should be download 2.10 now in the downloads section.

I uploaded 2.10 fine. No more problems.
Thank you James.


Yes, just to explain what James wrote. The issue was on our side with the code load on the website. The programmer put in a wrong character and the units didn’t like it and refused to load.

So, erase whatever you have, reload the proper code from Downloads and it should update easily.

Sorry for the confusion and thanks for letting us know about the problem.

Oh geez, that old guys at it again, yellin’ at that poor McGowan kid to stop playing football in the street …

Edit: The post to which I was referring was removed in it’s entirety, so much for an attempt at humor …

Thanks for the quick response and killing the software bug.


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Hahahaaaa! Good stuff!

Yeah, Puff the Magic Dragon puffed it into oblivion. It was a straight forward question. That’s twice in recent times where iffy software updates have escaped their new rigorous QC protocols. Thankfully for @waymanchen11 it wasn’t a DOA P12, just a bad software posted to the PS website. They sorted it out quickly.

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