EtherRegen basic setup questions

Nice looking kit.

Does the etherRegen ever get hot with that weight on it? For such a little unit, it does get tricky to place it, at least on my shelf.

I use an Sbooster + Ultra on my ER and the improvement was quite noticeable…

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Thank you!

The ER gets hot, with and without that weight :wink:

I ordered that 10 oz Copper Cube 999 for 25 Euros on eBay to hold down the very light unit. As some thick Ethernet cables are connected, it really helps to grip the ER to the ground.

The cube also takes on some heat (it gets pretty warm, but not hot), so it should help a tiny bit with heat dissipation, too. There are some more advanced solution where ppl placed/glued bigger, heavy heatsinks on top of the ER - probably the best solution.

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This is my current predicament (see what I did there?)

When I built this custom rack, it was back in the days where each shelf got one big box. Nowadays, I have so many little boxes that, missing in this picture, the UpTone LPS that drives the etherRegen is one shelf down behind the DS DAC.

I might consider another Pardo or Farad to drive the etherRegen, but without another rack, I just don’t know where I’d put it.

First-world problems.

You can also see why I was curious about the weight. The stiff Wireworld ethernet cable tends to move the etherRegen… wherever it wants.


If you put a nice polish on the bottom side and then add a thin layer of silver heatsink paste between it and the regen you will get a better cooling effect.

I am thinking about buying a box that is made for computer server racks. It’s basically a black box that is rack mount width, sometimes has cooling fans, and can be filled with this little black box and that little black box but looks like just another big box. That or an HDPlex power supply.

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Update on my experience with the ER.
Did not hear a significant difference from the Bridge II alone.

Used a higher end Pardot LPS.

This statement confused me.

Would you mind clarifying your experience for “us”. Did you mean to report that adding the EtherRegen did not make the performance of the/with the Bridge II input sound significantly better (or worse)?

Thanks in advance.

Sorry. I was not very clear.

I meant to say from the Bridge II alone without the ER in the signal path.
Might have been a hair more bass extension, but honestly very very close.

I am experiencing more discernible differences using USB to a Matrix into the i2S input.

No, apology necessary. That is what I thought you were trying to convey, but I wanted to make sure there was not some other kind of configuration/signal path factor(s) relevant to the comparison being made.

Thanks for sharing your observations.

Best regards.