Eversolo DMP-A6 Master Edition

Indeed. It’s everyone’s YMMV. I’m (still) in the process of deciding what new streamer to buy. Which makes me ‘not happy enough’ to stick with my current device.

For the moment it’s pure speculation what, when and at what cost that glimpse will prove to turn into. Time will tell.
Right now, my bet is that the A10 will likely be around as good as the RS130 at a lower price point, but without that day and night difference.

I could only wish for them coming out with a competitive dedicated streamer proposition on the 4-6k price range. Probably that will become an upgrade option, one day. :slightly_smiling_face:

Two reviews in less the 24 hours on YouTube, the other by Hans. Both make the case that the switching power supply that comes with the A6 deserves to go. Wish they would review the Teddy Pardo. Lower noise of the Pardo promises the be better still but at a higher cost.


The thing that convinces me to do the power supply upgrade is that the consensus is that it improves the sound quality when feeding a external DAC as well as when using the internal one.

I love my Teddy Pardo. I also appreciate no power supply in the A6 case.


I’m leaning towards getting the Teddy Pardo version. Makes sense that the sonic improvements noted on recent YouTube reviews of the Beatechnik version would apply even more so with the Teddy considering it’s even lower noise.

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It would be nice to see actual evidence that Teddy Pardo LPS lower background noise more than the Lhy LPS.

I look forward to the results of your search for information you would like to see.

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I wish there were something I could find. I am glad you like the Teddy LPS. It now costs $700 including shipping to US!

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You can use the Ian Canada dual lps, with a decent trasnformer and have lower noise than either. Less cost too

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This seller sold many LPS to folks using Jeff Richard’s MK1 mod.

I have lost track, what specs are needed for the A6?


+12v 2a. - 12v.5a

I found this review helpful for comparisons. A6/A8

To add. He goes into the dsp benefits and what you can do with it quite in depth. He also compares with stand alone dac vs the internal dac. It’s a good argument for either product depending on how you plan to use it

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I watched that a few days ago. It is a very in depth review regarding the features and comparisons of two units sonically as well as functionally. The DSP in the A8 makes it a very compelling product. It’s one of the few streamers that provides native Apple Music in a third party app from the Google store.

I do wish they would make a middle road product with the DSP and I2S out without the upgraded preamp and DAC for those who want the high quality streamer and DSP in one box but plan to use outboard DAC and preamp though.

If the GUI and app are satisfacory, once they get Roon certification, those will be the products to beat value wise. The Air Lens may or may not trump it sonically, but can’t come close to matching the features and versatility that the Eversolo’s seem to offer.

I’d love an Air Lens to handle my files via Roon, but I’d also like Apple Music and Amazon Music to be on offer natively so it doesn’t quite fit the bill for me completely. I may add an AL someday once they hit the used market, but at this point I’m leaning toward an A8 sometime next year as a one box standalone streamer and Roon end point to replace my computer and Bridge I in a one box solution and DSP for room compensation.

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I have one of the LPSs from the seller and satisfied with it. I am not looking for LPS for A6. I was just responding to multiple postings in this forum by the same individual that Terry is (10x?) quieter than LHY.

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The hifi rose rs130 has what you’re looking for. Has excellent reviews too

Indeed, that’s the unit that started me seriously thinking of a standalone streamer and how I first came across the Eversolo streamers. It is >2.5x the A8’s price and doesn’t add the DSP functionality. It’s more comparable to the A6, but with an I2S output. Great product in its own right though.

If all you need is a streamer, all the money in the Eversolos that went into the DAC, preamp, and whatever else, didn’t go into the streamer.

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So what would u suggest?

For how much?

Best value proposition which is better than the A6 streaming to an external dac?