Eversolo DMP-A6 Master Edition

I checked Aliexpress earlier today and the Zidoo official store showed 1 in stock so I grabbed it. Estimated delivery date 10th June. I guess stock gets relisted when someone cancels a pre-order. Thanks for your help.


I apologize. I got this completely wrong. This is the post I was referring to——————————————-“I like this streamer from what I’ve seen so far, but I have to ask, since it is based on Android 11, what will happen say in 3 years when the streaming apps (say Tidal Connect) no longer support that operating system? Will there be a way to upgrade to a higher, supported version of Android? I can’t justify spending $1000 USD on something that might be technologically left behind after just a few years. I wouldn’t be able to pass it down to a friend or relative or sell it after that. Thank you.”

Who cares? It’s a sub $1000 device that appeared out of nowhere. That will happen again and again and again. If someone wants to buy something that will be upgradeable forever and never be a problem, they might be limited to buying rocks.


EverSolo is a brand designed by Zidoo, who have been designing and manufacturing AV and multimedia boxes for almost a decade. They say about 60 people, 40% of their staff, work on software, which is the major failing of many Chinese manufacturers.

They already sell heavily into Europe and this brand reflects their abilities at software and low-cost manufacturing.

These guys make an $800 Topping DAC look a bit stupid, Topping have to bring out new models every 10 minutes with 0.1% better measurements to stay relevant. I can see a brand like EverSolo doing quite well in the long term, and there are lots of dealers wanting to sell them.


They do that just to keep Amir over at ASR busy.


As these start to dribble in I expect sound quality reports. :grinning:

So with the latest software update for the DMP-A6 (weak edition) the 2TB limit on the internal M2 drive has been raised to 4TB. I ordered a 4TB M2 card, stuck it in, powered up, used the interface to format it to NTFS. Then I used the internal file program to copy 3TB of music from the attached external drive to in internal M2 drive.

This thing is awesome!

Last night I listened to it using the built in music program instead of as a Roon endpoint. I miss the ability to add to current list and some other fun things that Roon allows. But playing music without Roon sounded great!

I may actually buy the upgrade model or wait six weeks for the second generation model to appear.

If you want to get into streaming, but you are not into that whole Roon thang, this is a swell place to start!

I know you really want to spend $15K on a Xanadu Placebo Statement X2i, the one all the other kids on the playground talk endlessly about. But start here and then consider your options.


I’m in line for a Master Edition. I’m seriously thinking I might change that to the standard edition and apply the difference to upgrade the power cord or my USB cable instead. I haven’t heard anyone making the argument that a Master Edition sounds better on the A-6 forums, at least at this stage. Plenty of opinions floating out there at the Master Edition is a waste. I’ve got a few weeks yet, probably, to decide.

You have a link?

So here is a question. Do we think the master series impacts sound more for the internal dac or streamer only?

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They say better op amps (very likely for the analogue output from the DAC) and better clocks, which again would have more impact on the DAC than on the digital output.

I’m not in the market for one, but I do follow streamer tech to some extent, if I was buying and I was planning to plug in to a separate DAC then I would not bother with the master edition.
If I was buying and planning to connect direct to an amp (i.e. using the inbuilt in DAC) I would be more tempted by the master edition.

YMMV IANAL etc. etc.


That makes sense to me.

Your thinking is totally negative waves man. I might have to do something about this.

You will be bummed no matter what.
$300, gosh.



I’ve scoured all of the forums where he could possibly be getting any “information” about the A6 and the fact is that no has claimed to own or have tested both models so this is all just speculation. A company rep and several dealers are members of several of these forums and none of them have mentioned the Masters Edition at all. Same speculative nonsense as in the Red streamer thread. As with the Red if the A6 fits your needs buy it for yourself and find out. If it doesn’t work out then sell it.

If anyone is interested in looking through the manual.


Puts the red manual to shame.

It seems this project was two years in development so plenty of time to work on the manual plus the majority of the features are in products from Zidoo the parent company so already documented. Will be an interesting device to play with and if it doesn’t fit in will gift it to our daughter to replace her Node that she uses with powered speakers. Media streamers are the bulk of Zidoo’s business whereas with Holo a completely new direction.


I don’t see Apple Lossless listed as a file type this will accept? I do have a chunk of cds ripped to Apple Lossless and was wondering if this will play mp4 or alac?

If you go to the manufacturer’s dedicated forum you can ask these tech questions of their reps.

That is one impressively written manual.
Manufactures take note.