Fave listening chair?

I used to have a knock-off of Breuer’s Wassily Chair, which was surprisingly supportive and comfortable, but a little too upright to be well-suited to lounging. I bought it at a design shop in Chicago called Chrome Yellow around 1985 for $199. When I finally realized just a year or so ago that my home wasn’t ever going to be that kind of design statement, and that I’d never have room to indulge in a second one (they look much better in pairs) - I sold it for what I paid for it.


I like the “frame”, and the low back.

Good design (for listening also)…

We have some leather chairs that we bought in a department store 20 years ago, that would have been ideal for music purposes. My wife wanted to get rid of them, wrong colour, but they are extremely comfortable and thankfully she relented.

She’s just bought possibly the least appropriate piece of furniture, although it is does look good and it’s OK for friends to sit on and have a drink. The wood is reclaimed from an old temple in Java, which is an island in Indonesia, not a programming language. I think this defines “stiff as a plank”. I suppose some audiophiles might use it as an equipment rack.

Anyway, here is a UK supplier of very comfy restored chairs at sensible prices.

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I would definitely use that bench as an equipment rack (currently using a vintage Herman Miller slat bench). Too bad that supplier is in the UK - very nice furniture.

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It’s a nice design it would be easy to get a local steel fabricator to make the feet and find a nice piece of wood. It’s about 2m long.

Hey there. I need advice on choosing an item of office furniture that won’t harm my spine. Is there a difference between a gaming chair and a chair for work? My doctor told me that I needed an ergonomic office chair or I would have back problems. Indeed, my office chair is very uncomfortable, so I decided to give myself a little gift. My brother bought his ergonomic chair here: eurekaergonomic.com and was happy with it. I would love your advice on choosing a good chair for office work. Many thanks for considering my request.

Huge difference. Gaming chairs are plain awful for posture, utterly dreadful, with the exception of the very expensive ergonomic ones from the likes of SecretLabs (Titan Evo) and Herman Miller Logitech chairs, the Herman Millers are the ones to get if you really want serious ergonomics

Gaming Chairs | Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 Series | Secretlab UK

Gaming – Ergonomic Gaming Chairs and Products from Herman Miller

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+1 on Herman Millers for your back.


Eames Lounge Chair 20% off plus free shipping!:


I forgot about this thread…
PAP is still working on the final design and materials but I got to sit in a prototype this past summer. If you have PAP speakers and their racks you can soon get a matching chair. Do you need to match a chair to your speakers? I’d like to see Wilson or Sonus Faber make a chair :slight_smile:

PAP was taking feedback from users to get the right angle for listening without being too upright. My wife really liked it. Maybe my next chair when they finish the design.


(sorry for the FB links, I don’t think these images exist anywhere else)

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And today they posted an additional 5% off with a promo code. I have a 1971 chair that is getting a bit worn and needs some work. Based on previous experience, I’m guessing at least $2,500 for a full restoration. Plus I would need to give up my listening chair for a couple of months. And I can probably sell my chair as is for $2,500. So it seems reasonable to order a new one. That’s my rationale and I’m sticking with it.


You will get no argument from me, Sir!


Feel compelled to mention, in case of unfamiliarity with HM chairs:

That not all HM chairs are Office Chairs/upright/good for your spine.

Groovy as the Eames-designed chair is visually (my brother has one) it is very low compared to/is not an office chair, and I can barely climb out of it.

If you go to the Herman Miller website, you can select office or home. I’ve had an Aeron chair for my office for awhile, which they also list as a gaming chair. It is very comfortable, good on the back, and has adjustable height and tilt.


I have two - one with arms in the office and one in the studio without arms, so I can play a guitar while sitting in it.

Fabulously Techno-Spinal looking from behind


Ooh, I like the look of that. I might have to try one out. I think a chair without arms might work better with my current desk.

The arm-ed one. Great for meditating in as well if you’re no longer able to sit on a cushion.

The definition of ergonomic and adjustable.

These are great chairs.

Can the covers be “reupholstered”?


Dunno. Stretchy and strong fabric of some sort, which after years I’ve not noticed any wear in. And these were store demos I got at a discount. One of the best chairs I’ve owned. Heavy, well-built, precise, comfortable, supportive, very adjustable, ergonomic, blah blah.