Finally I'm in the loop!

Hi all, finally the Stellar S300 has arrived. I’ve been waiting for this power amplifier for 3 month. In may there wasn’t a single piece in Italy. I had to order it and wait for the production and shipment to Italy but the waiting has been paid back and believe me or not it’s been a blind bought!!!. Thanks to Paul and his staff for this extremely well sounding piece of engineering. Great job and Paul… thanks for your passion, your videos and your ears!!!


It didn’t happen unless we see photos!

p.s. we’ve heard from others here also about the time it takes to get product delivered into the Italian market.

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:thinking: I’m having trouble to understand how to upload snapshot …

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Woo Hoo! Thanks and the unit looks lovely in its new home. Please keep us up to date with how the two of you are getting along. We love the feedback!

The sound quality will improve as it breaks in. More good things to look forward to!

did he say 'feedback’

And you’re in Italy! Win-Win.

I wrote it! But I it needs to be updated cause recently I bought the Stellar Gain Cell and an used Power Plant Premiere. Stay tuned I’ll write down shortly