First music of the day

Noseda and the LSO, Prokofiev Symphony 1.

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A fine mid-morning spin Yo La Tengo This Stupid World.

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Hard to take a pass on a line-up as strong as the above.


Keith Jarrett Trio “Changeless” ECM cd

An old favorite, not played for a while (after perhaps playing it too often for a while!)


A favorite listen here as well, and demonstration quality. It is one of 5 CDs I typically use to audition new components.

Screenshot 2023-03-18 at 6.40.28 AM

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Each listen brings new insights, 40+ years and still going strong King Crimson Discipline.


Now featuring JRMC and Holo Red DDC/streamer serving DS DAC via I2S.


Pre emphasis issue resolved?

Edit - I see you did :slight_smile:

Thanks for asking.

Yes, the flag is gone. But I have no solid clues as to why as of yet. I noted a couple of theories over on the Holo Red impressions thread.

I don’t want to get to far off the track of this thread so I’ll just add that the sound quality is now more of a toss up between the Holo Red and the PSA Bridge II. (Next step is to remove the Bridge II and see if its absence provides any audible benefits in my system.)



Do you have one of Jeff’s power supply boards to install?


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Hopefully the Red will settle in some more and your cable selection will let you remove the BII to use the card.

Now to dial in fuses, power cords, EMI/RFI sheets, and a Zen Buddhist Shrine.

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That shrine will set you back a little.

Not necessary as my tone arm is aligned seven degrees east of magnetic north at minimal cost.

Featuring altoist Angelika Niescier.

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Setting a musical listening direction fo rthe day, McCoy Tyner Sama Layuca. Revisiting this LP I see there is a lot to mine featuring Azar Lawrence, Gary Bartz, John Stubblefield, Bobby Hutcherson, Buster Williams, Mtume, Guillermi Franco, and Billy Hart. A fine listening lead-in for this cloudy day.

“Bob Brookmeyer and Friends” Columbia/Legacy (Europe) cd

Just 20 hours powered up and playing this new DSD DAC Mk2 sounds fabulous!