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Carmen Lundy “Come Home” Afrasia Productions cd

Up early with Fiona the dachshund. Sigh. Great sound on this cd though compensates.

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Végh Quartet “The Art Of Vegh Quartet” 14 cd box set, disc 7–the last of the Beethoven string quartets, recorded 1952.

Among my favorite interpretations of the Beethoven string quartets–the later stereo are perhaps even a bit better.

Picked up this April 1964 Stuttgart performance, featuring Eric Dolphy, Clifford Jordan, Jackie Byard, Dannie Richmond and Charlies Mingus. Johhny Coles is listed but does not perform due to illness. Listening to the first LP of three side A, So Long Eric.

Magos Herrera and Brooklyn Riders “Dreamers” cd

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Grant Green “I Want to Hold Your Hand” Blue Note Japan 85th Anniversary UHQCD

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Sun Ra and His Arkestra Saturn XIII, a recent 45 rpm 10 inch release, with side A-track 2 capturing Sonny singing solo while playing the organ.

Some background information courtesey of the Discogs listing:
Taken from the Presspop music website:

A-1 “Just Friends” 7:22 (John Klenner and Sam Lewis)
This live recording was only issued on a rare 1982 Saturn album entitled Just Friends. So few copies of Just Friends were pressed, that this track is almost unknown to Ra fans. This is the first reissue of this track in any format. The location and actual date of the recording are unknown.
Baritone Saxophone – John Gilmore
Bass – John Ore
Drums – Samarai Celestial
Organ – Sun Ra
Recorded : 1982, location unknown

A-2 “Just Friends” 3:36 (John Klenner and Sam Lewis)
This is a recording made around 1960 of Sun Ra playing organ in his Chicago apartment while softly singing the song “Just Friends.” It has not been previously issued in any format.
Organ and vocal – Sun Ra
Recorded : 1960 at home, Chicago

B-1 "Under the Spell of Love"6:04 (Sun Ra © Enterplanetary Koncepts BMI)
This live recording was also issued on the rare 1982 Saturn album Just Friends. This is the first reissue of this track in any format. As with the title track on side A, the location and actual date of this performance are unknown.
Alto Saxophone – Marshall Allen
Drums – Luqman Ali
Organ – Sun Ra
Recorded : 1982, location unknown

B-2 “Cherokee” 4:12 (Ray Noble)
This work was composed by Ray Noble. “Cherokee” was a 1940s big band standard, and was a big hit for Charlie Barnett. It was also recorded by Charlie Parker, Count Basie, Duke Ellington, Lionel Hampton, Bud Powell, and many others. This is the only known recording of the title by Sun Ra. There is no information about the date, location, or personnel. It sounds like a home rehearsal, and probably dates from the 1970s. It has not been previously issued in any format.
Trumpet – unknown
Tenor Saxophone – John Gilmore
Bass –unknown
Drums and percussion – unknown
Organ – Sun Ra
Recorded : year and location unknown

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All three of the Jamal sets from the Penthouse are fun listens.

Rigth now

Ahmad Jamal “Emerald City Nights Live at the Penthouse 1966-1968” disc 2

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Bob has been silent in this listening space too long.

Bob Dylan “Springtime in New York” Deluxe cd version, disc 4.

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A couple of Harmonia Mundi LPs that I have neglected for far too long.


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On another forum someone was playing tis Lawrence Brown disc and so I pulled a few Verve Elite cds from the shelves.

Hard to believe this series was introduced about 25 years ago! I made sure to get all of them at the time.

Lawrence Brown had such a great sound and Ellington loved to feature him. This cd reissue has an additional two tracks compared to the original LP.

Lawrence Brown “Slide Trombone” Verve Elite cd

PS: Lovett’s vocal sounds so Mose Allison-like.

Some Velvet Morning

Terri Lyne Carrington “New Standards, Vol. 1”

Great start to a cold quiet post-Super Bowl morning.

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“Evenings at the Village Gate” SHM-SACD

I can get used to the not-so-fantastic sound. . . but I’m not sure I’ll ever get used to the green Impulse labels on these SHM-SACDs! :wink:

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No reason to crowd Charles Mingus Blues and Roots with multiple posts as it is best heard and considered with room to breathe.




Sonny Rollins “Newk’s Time” Blue Note 85th Anniversary UHQCD Japan

Haven’t played this in a long time. . . didn’t even remember it being stereo. Sounds great in this new release from Japan.

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Phil Ranelin “The Found Tapes: Live in Los Angeles” disc 1 of 3

I was surprised at how good the sound is on this date (the longest in the set). Interesting playing.

Regarding Newk’s Time here is a bit of background regarding the recording session, originally released as BLP-4001 in 1959, with Liberty issuing a stereo version in 1966, BST-84001. Regardig the “stereo” recording, Rudy Van Gelder ran two Ampex recorders, a single-track and a two-track. Rudy’s original intent of the two-track was to provide additional flexibility in mixing the mono master. There’s more to the story, as the two-track had what were believed to be drop-outs due to deteriorating tape, may actually be due to Sonny walking the room while playing. Who’s to say where the truth lies.

The above image is Kevin Gray’s Blue Note 2023 Cohearant remaster. I continue to enjoy my 1997 BN Complete Sonny Rollins Mono box set.


A reference is provided below:

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I myself have known all that for quite a while. I read that the horn “volume/presence” change was because Rudy made some mike adjustments while Sonny was playing and the tape was rolling. There’s no one to ask about that any longer.

Great session. . . though probably my least favorite Rollins on Blue Note.

It’s nice to have, but I agree with your comments. Info provided for the curious listeners that may not be familiar with the recording background.

Starting the day off with this one again before it travels back to the shelves.

Terri Lyne Carrington “New Standards, Vol. 1”

Carmen Lundy “Good Morning Kiss” Blackhawk Records

Her debut. A nice listen to a voice and producer and performer who will improve with time.

Carmen Lundy – vocals

Harry Whitaker – Piano

Curtis Lundy, Ben Brown – Bass

Victor Lewis – Drums

Mayra Casales – Percussion

Bobby Watson – Alto Sax

Rene McLean – Tenor Sax

Steve Turre – Trombone

Jon Faddis – Trumpet

Earl Gardner – Trumpet

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On my second time around this set, now disc V

These apartment tapes have some rough moments but sound overall sufficient to show the majesty in the music.

“Classic Don Byas Sessions 1944-1946” Mosaic Records, cd V