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More than satisfied with this RSD 2024 GEM, Cannonball Adderley Burnin’ in Bordeaux: Live in France. Their cover of Pops Staples’ Why am I treated So Bad/The Theme is way cool.

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Another Ricky Ford.
Ricky Ford “Tenor Madness Too!” Muse cd

This one keeps revealing bits and pieces to me, in part because the muddiness of the sound causes me to seek out little details and in part because there’s a looseness to the performance that draws me in different directions.


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How come Ray Bryant was never the big star some other jazz pianists were? He had it all.

Ray Bryant Trio “Now’s the Time” Signature/Dr. Jazz cd

With Tommy Bryant and Oliver Jackson, 1960

Yet another opportunity to enjoy the saxophonist Tina Brooks.

This one closed the day, and I’m starting this cool morning with it as well. The system is sounding so good!

Immanuel Wiklins “Omega” Blue Note cd

Immanuel Wilkins on alto sax with pianist Micah Thomas, bassist Daryl Johns, and drummer Kweku Sumbry.

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Something very different: Count Basie “Fancy Pants” Pablo cd

The last album Basie made with the big band. So elegant!

A 1985 Linn Selekt/ReCut Records reissue of the 1966 Decca SXL 6029 Bartok Piano Concerto No. 3 and Ravel Piano Concerto in G major, conductor Istvan Kertesz, LSO, piano Julian Katchen. Keenth Wilkinson was the recording engineer at Kingsway Hall, and the sound reflects it.

The Essence All Stars “Hub Art: A Celebratio of the Music of Freddie Hubbard” Hip Bop cd

Bass – Ron Carter
Drums, Producer – Lenny White
Piano – Cedar Walton
Tenor Saxophone – Javon Jackson
Trumpet – Eddie Henderson , Marcus Belgrave, Wallace Roney

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Lucky Thompson “1944-1947” Chronogical Classics cd


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Ron several forum members have reported tracking issues with this particular Tone Poet reissue. I can’t say I’ve had any issues, and intend to return to it once Brian installs my Mutech Hayabusa Friday. Did you experience any tracking issues?

No problems. The vinyl is dead quiet and no tracking issues.

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I get the impression there may be more than a handful of mediocre pressings out there.

Starting off the morning with some Joe. Just before I pressed play I heard an owl, which always seems a good way to start a day.

Joe Henderson “Page One” Bluie Note Japan Platinum SHM-CD (mono mix)

Featuring the famous “Etc.” (McCoy Tyner)

This series of Platinum SHM-CD sound so good!

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Another fantastic sounding disc from Japan.

John Coltrqne “Live at the Village Vanguard” SHM-SACD

Music I’ve listened to for over four decades that just won’t get old.

Outstanding recent release on Astral Spirits.

Anthony Davis - Piano
Kyle Motl - Bass
Kjell Nordeson - Drums

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Rubbing the sleep out of my eyes with some Art Tatum, Everett Barksdale and Slam Stewart.

Art Tatum “Jewels in the Treasure Box” cd 3

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Miki Yamanaka “Songs without Lyrics” cd

Miki on piano and composer, with Lawrence Leathers (drums), Tivon Pennicott (sax/flute), and Spencer Murphy (bass)

‘ Central Park’s Mosaics of Reservoir, Lake, Paths and Gardens’

Wadada Leo Smith: trumpet
Amina Claudine Myers: piano / Hammond B3

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Having multiple copies I was hesitant to try the 2021 MOV reissue. The vinyl is designer marbled blue and white. Typically I prefer plain jane carbon black vinyl. This one is a keeper compared to my original as ut is easier to hear into the performance.

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Paul Quinichette “For Basie” OJC cd

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Paula Maya “Mar Da Minha”