Forum members traveling advice! Audiophiles helping Audiophiles!

Here is a thread for local advice from the locals of where ever it is you may be going! A forum member may live there or have good knowledge of the area! Now @elk can clean up some threads! Happy travels to all!


@luca.pelliccioli the only thing I can tell you about San Francisco is someone left there heart there! Have fun on your trip!


Also left with a thinner wallet.

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I’m going to Alaska via Seattle 7/16. Any forum members in Alaska? Lol

If you go wine tasting north of SF, go to Rockpile Vineyards in Healdsburg. They have the best California reds I have ever drunk. Living in wine country for the last 45 years We have tasted hundreds of wineries offerings. Rockpile Vineyards is a very small appellation and the wine is sold nowhere but at the winery.
For anyone else close enough, if you get up Sonoma County way check out this winery. Enjoy.


We also like Saddleback. It’s very small. The tasting room is a table under a tree. But don’t let that dissuade you. The wine is fantastic. The Cabernet is amazing.


Thank you for the advise, really interesting.

Thank you Vince, precious infos I’m collecting here (as usual!)

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When in Chicago, remember to check out Dusty Groove America and Bob’s Jazz and Blues Mart for CDs and albums! Dusty Groove has a great mail order business too!


Don’t forget to add 10.25% tax to your purchase! Wtf? Thank you may I have another? The privilege of being in Illinois.

That sounds nice. Enjoy and let M king warm up more to see if he gets better.

I really don’t know if the result is due to the sum of 3 M-1s in my system or if the SPP responds differently (better) to this fuse but I would like that @DarrenMyers gave a try to this fuse in his Stellar Phono Pre. Something similar to transform it into a tube phono. It would be useful maybe to the design process of the new Perfect Wave Phono, if still working on it.

Just a thought at a glance, sorry.

Common friend nothing to be sorry about …might have given them an idea to try…
Makes me wonder if Paul or any of the other engineers read this type of chatter…

Best wishes and a safe trip!!

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The last time (8 to 9 years ago) we visited Chicago was when my older daughter worked as a summer intern during her college years. They had concerts in the park which was great, and we had the thickest pizza we ever had on that day. Another day we spent a full day at Magnificent Mile, and we had a nice dinner at an Italian Steakhouse called RPM if I remember right. We did not have time to visit any music shops though.

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Thank you David.

Our favorite restaurant in SF is Gary Danko, but it is quite hi-end (1 Michelin) and needs a two-month reservation. If you have time, you should visit Fisherman’s Wharf and try their famous crab (the season starts in Oct. so, you may be out of luck). There are tons of shops and restaurants. It is a hot tourist spot in Summer.


I need to find an excuse to visit Chicago again!! :slightly_smiling_face:

One of mine as well, and well worth the wait. I’ve been there a couple of times.

Foodies and audiophile, a selected group :smirk:


Frankly, I’d enjoyed myself at Restaurant Gary Danko more than I did at French Laundry.