Forum Posts and Quoting

A reminder to the old guard, and perhaps new information for our most recent members (Welcome!).

When posting a reply, you can either click on “Reply” to the right of a post, or you can click on “Reply” in the blue box at the bottom of the thread.

Clicking on the “Reply” to the right of the post places a marker/avatar in the upper right of your reply which indicates to whom you are replying. If one clicks on this marker you can see the entire post the new post is replying to. This obviates the need to quote the post to which you are replying. Pretty slick, yes?

Clicking on the “Reply” in the blue box at the bottom of the thread indicates you are replying generally to the discussion.

While one can easily quote a post by highlighting it and choosing “quote”, please do so only if actually necessary to place your reply in context. Usually quoting is unnecessary as the marker tells the rest of us to whom you are responding. If you do quote, please limit the size of your quotes to only that which is needed and do not quote the entire post. Typically a single line is plenty.

Thank you!


Who says an old dog can’t learn a new trick? Ha! Thanks, Elk. My goal of learning at least one new thing a day is met. Sweet.



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