Are there anyone else that have problems following all the (multi)quotes in the posts, lately?

I have problems finding the actual response and think the way it was shown before (greater contrast) was better. I am using Google Chrome and IE, but will try with IOS when arriving at home after work.

Agreed, as Elk has pointed out multiple times only quote what is relavent. On my iPad I quote the whole thing and delete what I don’t need, presume this is how others do it. There have been a few instances lately where people quoted and put there reponse in the quote box, not good.

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Didn’t we have a multi-quote button somewhere or am I confusing this with another forum?

“Agreed, as Elk has pointed out multiple times only quote what is relavent.” - pmotz

I often just copy and paste. It looks cleaner to me.

When the quote is short cut and past works good, I kinda like the grey box when a larger quote is added. I generally don’t read the whole quote unless it doesn’t look familiar. Either way though gets the point across.

Frode said Didn't we have a multi-quote button somewhere or am I confusing this with another forum?
We do, but it is inelegant.

Just click on “quote” for the first post you want to quote and type your response.

Then, click “quote” for the next post you wish to quote and it will appear below the existing text in the reply box.

pmotz said Agreed, as Elk has pointed out multiple times only quote what is relavent. On my iPad I quote the whole thing and delete what I don't need, presume this is how others do it.


P.S.: I edit a large number of posts with huge quotes and nested quotes to make them more readable, but I cannot get to them all. I keep hoping people will get the message . . . .

Your efforts are laudable Elk but maybe if you left them as is people would get annoyed more quickly and more people would start complaining and others would start to get the message. Of course, they might not (and some never will). You might just put in an occasional reminder when things get out of hand rather than going to all the effort to clean up after people. Might not work but at least it would be less drudge work for you.


Good thought

And what does that have to do with the usb not working until a reboot ???

alrainbow said And what does that have to do with the usb not working until a reboot ????
My answer was to dcuscela's posting - it just overlapped with yours :)

If we don’t quote, this happens often in a dynamic thread.

Frode said If we don't quote, this happens often in a dynamic thread.
It has now happened at least once. Perhaps this constitutes often. :)

More seriously, if you can point to threads with significant issues where people have gotten lost please let me know. I do not recall any.

There is nothing wrong with quoting a phrase or two for context, as I did above. It is the wholesale quoting of entire posts and quotes within quotes which are a problem, especially when one is simply responding to the post above yours.

Think of it as a conversation over dinner. You would not repeat verbatim someone’s entire statement merely to respond. Instead, you either just reply or, if the conversation has moved on a bit, briefly signpost your comment with "regarding interconnects, I think . . . "

Back to your regularly scheduled problem solving.

Good luck solving the issue! Frode has presented some excellent ideas. Please post the solution in the Aries tips and tricks thread if you figure it out.

For the small threads in these forums is all the policing and seemingly constant attitudes . All that important and needed. Enough of this already .

Good by all .

Al, we all like having you around. You certainly did not do anything wrong and I hope you did not feel scolded in any way. I was only responding to Frode’s reasonable observation, not to anything you did. Frode made a good point.


I responded to someone else’s post (explained above) and not yours. I can’t see why you are getting upset about this, or did I miss something here…confused-28_gif

No offense was taken. I just feel there is too much policing of perfection in posting. maybe it’s just me being the low corectional poster lol. Swimming with the big fish . I find my stuff fixed all the time why is it so important . ???

No one, to my knowledge, is touching the content of anyone’s posts - including yours, Al. If this happens, let us know and I will do my best to track it down. There are a lot of people with moderation authority, but no one with evil intent.

I often delete massive and nested quotes. Many have noted that big quotes make it hard to follow the threads. They are also a pain if you are reading the forum on a phone or tablet (although also a lot to wade through on a large screen.)

This should not result in any controversy. If this bugs you, do not bulk quote and use the “add reply” button as you just did. :)

I do tidy up topic headings on occasion just to clarify what they relate to, but no one has ever complained. I also change “for sale” threads to note the item sold, etc.

You are otherwise on your own. :)

Not picking but there is another notice as of now. It states quotes was moved ???

Why and who. As I do inderstand the need for being organized. I cannot understand the level of scrutiny in a simple forums like this. If we go off topic for a bit to me this is fine. As long as the thread does not morph into another topic.

Although there is forums edicate to follow

but it does seem excessive here. It’s funny to me but insulting at the same time. Weather anyone here feels better of them selves in doing makes me wonder

am I to assume we are still in school being taught a valuable lesson. I may need some better grammar and certainly spelling and yes I do understand I am hard to follow at times But certainly if others were fixed as often as I they too would wonder why. It’s not that I dont Appreciate it at times being helped I do. But I have come to apoint in life this is it. This to me is just confusing.

As I run my companies I have staff to make my comany look smart run well.

But this is a simple forums why ??

What am I missing here , help me understand better ???


Elk sometimes moves posts to more appropriate threads, which generates the notice. He always announces in both threads that he has done so. It has happened to me more than once (usually I was responding to someone else, who had gone off topic). It’s nothing personal. If I was in charge I would probably leave things where posted but then I’m lazy and Elk clearly is not. He puts a lot of work into trying to maintain some semblance of order, which I appreciate (not suggesting by any means that you don’t Al).

As a moderator I have the ability to edit other people’s posts but have never done so. I can only recall one example long ago where I might have if I could have but that case was extreme (i.e., a highly offensive remark that was unrelated to the discussion).

For what it’s worth and your opinions may vary.
I post on about 12 forums
From audio to rc helicopters , drones and cars.
And no where I post does any thing I post get moved deleted or changed
In fact only on headfi was anything I posted deleted and I was actually blocked form the thread.
It was about the hugo too. Hahaha
I do get I should be better guys comments in my posting , spelling and grammar.

The why is really all mine
I have no impairment of any kind. I mostly do not proof what I do. And if i do it’s obviously not done well. My spelling is rather poor I hated English period and still do but I have enough staff around me to make me look good in grammar

The point I am trying to make is the obvious over emphasis of making me or others feel odd in that I or they need parental supervision. When i see others get the treatment I always step up and help there point. Not be the posting police and point it out. Maybe it’s the best that person can do. Why make anyone feel bad to make them selves feel better. Should I talk about how many cars we own or houses so the lesser can feel bad and rich feel better. That’s never my seen but it does seem to be some.
I mostly post on trains and in between Meetings or job sites it’s a de stress thing for me. But it appears for most here and other palaces it’s far more valuable . Although I do enjoy it I feel at times why bother trying most here have far less of an understanding then I and if they have more there views are not mine anyway. Mostly I do try to learn and do accomplish this to a point
But helping should be the foundation of any forums but it seems not here.
At 58 I care little about who I appear to be for others. Why cause I am happy who I am and feel my family is far more important than anything or anyone here period.
I think we all should be happy with ourselves as I am. But I do wish I could post better not for me but to tell others how I bad I think there views are In a pathetic and polite way. As some do here. After all we all have views and we all think ours are correct but stand just far enough away to not be called cruel in pointing it out.
I often help blind people or mothers with a baby carnage. Should I tell them I can see better or why don’t you have a nanny as I did for my kids. No but some here feel the need to do so to feel better about them selves and disguise it as helping.
I have spell check and a grammar check maybe I just don’t care enough lol.

so for now lets move on and stop the policing the idiots here even if it’s only me lol. Also for those who think I am upset I am not. I also enjoy as some call my ramblings as I know how to speak Al.

Laughing with someone is always welcome but at some one is a deep seeded issue some have. This is the kind of person who goofs on other afflictions it’s also when I want younger I busted them up for doing so. Never for me but others who could not do it them selves.

So there it is all spelled out and barely checked.

Enjoy the post and the forums as well


alrainbow said The point I am trying to make is the obvious over emphasis of making me or others feel odd in that I or they need parental supervision.
Al, as I indicted above, I am not aware of anyone picking on you or changing your posts. If I find anyone is engaging in this behavior I will do my best to track it down.

Everyone here is left to express themselves in whatever way they choose. The only exception is if someone is patently offensive or trolling. This has been rare. (Your posts have always been completely appropriate.)

If I move posts I maker clear that I have done so and why. For example, this discussion on quotes and other forum issues should not be in an audio thread as it would get in the way. If someone posts something that belongs here, I will move it just to keep the audio threads clear.