Thread Quote Not Working?

Has anyone noticed thread quotes not working lately? The last few daze I’ve found that, when responding to a user’s post, that post will display in the draft as usual but disappear when saved. Also gone is the Quote option when highlighting text in a user’s post.

let’s see what happens! (I quoted part of your post)

I know that if you quote ALL of the post, it’ll auto-delete that. At least it has in the past.

Only thing I can think of is that a quote counts against some kinda limit, or costs more, or something, and the moderator feels the need to remove it. Ahdunno.

I find, after you select the text to quote, it often puts the quote box in an odd place. It’s not always obvious. Sometimes it takes a try or two. This is on an iThing.

quote button appears, and works ok in Firefox browser (v114.0.2), Linux Mint 64 bit.

I am not seeing an issue (Firefox and Android phone).

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I remember a while ago that any kind of quoting was banned.
Is that no longer the case?
Or am I remembering wrong?

Not true, IIRC.

There has been an attempt to throttle back excessive quoting and quoting in lieu of direct replies.

No “ban” that I recall.

Correct, no ban.

The quote feature works fine for me. Are others still having issues?

If so, is it specific threads?

Seems to work fine here.

Even went back to the prior message and added a second quote. Let’s see if that makes it through to Production…

Everything looks fine for me.

Apparently not. :wink:

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Elk’s post from 2018.

Sorry all for the trouble but thanks much for checking.
I’m on an ithingy also and will see if saves Elk’s “Everything looks fine for me.” response. If not I’ll try the desktop

All’s well. Embarrassing user error, my turn for ones and zeros to mess with, or simply losing a few marbles. Thanks again


No problem!