Forum problem - bad link in header

Looks good. Thanks, Paul!

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Looks great. Many thanks.

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Thanks for letting us know there was a problem.


The header with iOS15.XX on my iPhone is missing the three bars and my avatar to allow me to quickly navigate. It’s tedious to scroll and to try to find new posts instead of linking directly to New and Latest.

On my iPhone (a standard 13 running iOS15.1.1) I find I often have to scroll right-to-left just to see my avatar, let alone click on it effectively. As a consequence, I tend to avoid using my phone to access this place, preferring a computer or at least an iPad.

Web designers these days have to consider mobile devices and tablets as well as desktop computers when designing websites. I personally avoid viewing websites from my iPhone because of the small screen size. At a minimum, an iPad or tablet would be preferable to viewing with a mobile phone.
Most sites I’ve seen aren’t really optimized for smartphones in terms of viewing, navigating and scrolling. Sames goes for the iPad. For example or – accessing these sites with my iPad is okay but not ideal. With the later, you’re presented with a slightly modified presentation especially when it comes to searching the site.

On a different note, single signon only works with logging into PS Audio – not logging out. If you log into the forum, your logon credentials are passed thru to the main site. That means you need to logout twice, once for the forum and again for the main site. The opposite is true if you’re coming into the main site and access the forum but you still have to logout twice.

Text wrap on a mobile browser is a wonderful thing. You can enlarge the text so you can easily read it, and it wraps the text so you don’t have to scroll side to side. I think the only browser that has this feature is Opera.

Still a glich on mobile browsers.

Header still obscuring top of the page.

I’ll let the team know.