Thanks for the format update

The new look is great, just need to get my muscle memory in tune! Many thanks!

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Isn’t this new format like the old one before they change to one that the page crashes down on you every time you misplace your cursor? Why did they take so long to correct that mistake?

I am profoundly grateful that the guillotine effect has finally been removed. Now I can get to my browser back button without making a downward swoop and careful crawl up the extreme left of the page.


Big improvement - BUT, the blue button isn’t working! Failed to connect. Thought it may be a connection / Hub issue… Reboot and checked connections, etc - all to no avail. Checked same on 5 digital devices and blue button doesn’t work?

I experience the same.

I find using the browser’s back button accomplishes what the blue button did previously.

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Thanks, Elk. But, it’s still a fault / issue! It should function. I used the blue button to view the list of threads. I can achieve the same by clicking on Forums.

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Hey PS Audio team many thanks for correcting the annoying
drop down dialogue box that would drop down on more than
half the screen blocking out rendering the page unviewable.

Again thanks !

Best wishes

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On an iPhone the top buttons are blocked. It seems that a new problem has replaced the old one. It makes the app unusable on my phone. I can’t see “latest” and “new” at the top. They’re blocked by the ribbon at the top left. Did this not get tested?

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There’s a blue button?
Maybe we shouldn’t be using it now, “don’t press the blue button” - kinda like “don’t take the brown acid” from woodstock festival fame :slight_smile:


The site is still up and working. More than I can say for my company’s corporate intranet backbone recently. IT is the bane of my existence. Set the bar low enough and PSA managing to keep its’ site functional is a major achievement. Ahem.

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Same here, no connection when hitting the blue button. Also when clicking on the 3 lines on the right top of the page on my mobile device, most of the options, like latest posts, are obscured.

Wow! This is sooo much better.
The constant dropdown was driving me insane.

I think the site functions differently when in dark mode. None of these issues exist in dark mode and I don’t notice any changes…fyi.

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Gary, just the usual…! Fix a fault and in the process create another fault.

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Hang tight everyone. The Blue logo button should be working now and the oddities with the mobile app should be working soon as well. Our web guys are on it.

“Latest posts” is obscured by the drop-down when clicking the 3 lines on top upper right of the page on my mobile device.

I also used the blue button. It will be fixed.

In the meantime, clicking on the browser’s back arrow is just as easy and works the same. On my browser the back arrow is just above the blue button.

Do not click on the blue button too many times as you will be sucked into a parallel universe.


A little more effort, but clicking the back button then refreshing the browser gets me to the latest posts.

Interesting. I do not need to refresh the page. As you say, easy, but still a bit more effort.

Blue button works now.

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