Free ADC/Recording Interface

I have an unused interface for which I would like to find a home.

It is an M-Audio Firewire Audiophile. It is a high resolution interface for getting the output of a mixer, a phone pre, a mic pres, etc., into a computer for recording. It typically would be used with a Mac as most PCs do not have a Firewire input, although some do and Firewire cards are available. The interface is usually used for recording into ProTools, but will happily work into any software recording program.

Here is a review by Sound on Sound.

If you have a use for it, you are very welcome to have it. Similarly, if you know someone that would use it I am happy to pass it on. I hate to have things like this just sit when somebody could be recording music with it.

Elk, I’ll take it! Thank you!

Hmm, hold on that. I think maybe it would be better to let someone else in on this great offer. It seems this model is not equipped with a mic interface. That would have been part of what I needed. Sorry to jump the gun like that.

No problem. :slight_smile:

It takes line level signals. Thus, a phono pre, mic pre, mixer, CDP, tuner, etc. needs to precede it.

It is a nice little unit. Roughly a half-dozen commercially released CDs were made with this modest device.

If you happen to know someone that will use it, just let me know.

You are most generous, Elk. I have two college age boys that I would like to give away. They also are good units, but require some further education. Feeding is sometimes an issue since they are large mammals. One comes complete with a girlfriend who is an engineering major to help with tutoring calculus. Serious inquiries only. All shots and papers.

@tony22: Elk’s is a good unit. You might consider a separate mic pre, anyway. ART makes some passable yet inexpensive mic pre’s. Sweetwater has a large selection of better pre’s if you are in the market. The mic circuits in the ADC’s are hit-or-miss. TC Electronic makes a decent all in one unit, as an example.

I had an Emu 0404 that went South on me. Used it mostly for room measurement to help make DRC filters. Also did some normal sound recording. Would have replaced it with another 0404 but as I’d used it I discovered I didn’t like how the frequency response changed as the mic gain was increased.