GDAC COAX Input so much louder than USB (resolved)

Not sure what I am doing wrong. Listening with headphone output the USB input 8 to my Stellar GDAC sounds great and the volume is just right. Switch to input 6 (CD transport) and the volume is incredibly loud as in blow headphones and speakers loud! No way it seems to turn it down to line level. Thoughts? Yup. I read the manual…

The output level of the two devices is apparently different.


But shouldn’t a COAX output from a CD player be line level? The level was fine with the previous DAC I had in my system.

What are the two devices you are inputing into the DGAC? Unless something unusual the CD player should be a standard 2 volts. The USB source however if a streamer or laptop has adjustable volume controls in it’s software. What brands and models are you using.

Issue resolved. I just need to get used to COAX 6 volume level at 15 and JRiver MC 25 USB 8 level at 55. Thanks for comments and views on this. No criticism of PS Audio or the Stellar GDAC was ever meant. Great company; great product and it’s a keeper.