Getting MQA to the AirLens

Tidal will no-longer let you choose MQA, but BluOS will let you select the MQA version of a recording resident on Tidal. My AirLens is incoming, but I am pretty sure the Lenbrook app won’t see it when it is in my system. How, then, to play an MQA recording through the AirLens?

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It sounds like the issue might be more, how can I find MQA to play it?

If MQA is there, the AirLens will unfold it up to 96k, easy done.

Finding the same issue in Roon, I like to play MQA when it’s available but the number of new recordings with MQA is pretty darn low.

BluOS will identify and let you choose MQA recordings in Tidal. However, BluOS doesn’t work with the AirLens. Roon does. But Roon no-longer lets you prefer MQA over FLAC. So, therein, is the issue.

Relative to new MQA recordings - there are tons of them every week - Recently Added - ProStudioMasters

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Sounds like a Roon version change is coming my way! I’ve got mine set up to treat MQA as better than CD quality, which for the moment sequences the versions with MQA first.