Global Net on P10

I am a little concerned that the log-in credentials gives sufficient security for the Global Net on my P10.

If someone should hack in they can easily switch on/off consumers. I don’t want anyone to power on my tube power amps while away.

This could ultimately lead to a fire hazard.

The obvious solution would be to pull the P10 cat.5 before traveling, but it is easy to forget such a procedure.

I think a safety question should be implemented or a toggle function saying ‘Remote control engaged/disengaged’ only possible from LAN, not WAN - or even simpler, from the IR remote control/P10 local display.

Any strong views on this?

I think the chances are pretty slim that anyone would actually take the time to do such a thing. The only way someone’s going to hack into the system is with login credentials and these are stored behind a firewall. If you don’t share them with anyone, I don’t think they can get in. But then, people are capable of hacking into our country’s NSA, so I suppose it’s possible, but who would take their talents for hacking and get into your P10 and turn on the stereo system? Seems pretty remote.

Maybe from someone diagnosed with a disorder tied to a compulsory need for altering the owner’s audiophile pecking order? devil_giftongue-wink_gif

(e.g. my devoted HiFi buddies who don’t own a P10, as of yet…).

That’s a remarkably high level of paranoia.

If you are truly this worried, shutting down your router or pulling the Ethernet connection when you are out would resolve your concern.

I woke up worried about the potential for overcrowding Mars someday but then… 30_gif

No, seriously, it is a concern voiced by more than a few people. After all, you have a device in your home that can be controlled over the internet and that does make some uncomfortable. I understand.

Let’s bring in one more concern while at it.
Is there any chance of hacking into your LAN to take control of other devices than the P10?
If this can be used as an unsecure back door (gateway through your router) it clearly open up a can of worms with unknown consequences regarding potential damage…
I guess all I am saying is that it deserves some careful considerations, don’t you think?

Another example would be the Amazon thingy that Paul mentioned in another thread. Someone taking control over the microphone to listen in to daily conversations in the household to me sounds a little creepy, still if it is not nuclear agreements that are being negotiated.

Frode said

I guess all I am saying is that it deserves some careful considerations, don’t you think?

Not in my world.

That´s OK.

I just don’t want PS Audio to disclose my static WAN and P10 LAN address (during intrusion) as seen in the upper right corner - but that’s me.


I assume you are using MAC filtering, a network monitoring application, time restrictions, etc.

If you have basic security in place, the chance of getting eaten alive by rabid mice this evening (shudder) is greater than a harmful intrusion through PS Audio’s PowerPlay application.

I use/can use all of that, but I am not sure everyone with a P10 does, Elk.

Let’s just hope you are not proven wrong. I see a lot in my daily work and things are getting worse out there. We even had to start using Proofpoint URL defense for Outlook. Web security issues cannot be overrated… 105_gif

One should take basic precautions. But one can unreasonably obsess over cyber security.

The likelihood of experiencing an intrusion of one’s PowerPlant settings is infinitesimally small. A harmful intrusion, even smaller.