Grandioso P1X

I was going to treat myself with a Grandioso P1X but my Esoteric dealer says it will be $11K more expensive than P1…I’m contemplating buying P1 now and not waiting for P1X. Save myself the $11K. I was very surprised when I was told this, normally Esoteric price their new models about the same point as the model it replaces. The new P1X has a completely new design optical drive that replaces the 16 year old VRDS-NEO drive. I think that is where all the extra money goes.

Well, I can only speak for myself. If it was me and I had all the Esoteric kit I would spend the extra money. I know easy for me to say; - but that’s what I would do …

Others have privately told me the same thing.

Obviously your decision. I am similar to you in the sense that I/we are not on the breadline…It’s still a lot of money but; as I said, that’s what I would do. Because you will read a review or speak to a dealer and wish you had bought the new model…!

I’m struggling with the concept that the new model SACD transport will be $11K better than the old model.

As much as I liked the sound of DMP (for me 3.08 sounded better than 3.10) I’m willing to pay more for something that works better. I’m not willing to accept anything that doesn’t work as you might expect, no matter how good it sounds.

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It is a challenge imagining the new transport will be $11,000 better than the old - but it may very well be so.

The only way is to compare them both. I, too, wouldn’t buy the more expensive model just because it costs more. That’s not what I meant. I would buy the latest model if it was sonically better.

It was only on static display at the Tokyo show. As far as I know, nobody outside Esoteric has heard one yet. The issue for me is, if I wait for the first P1X review there might not be any P1 left. They were mostly built to order, I can get one today, my dealer has one in stock. I might not be able to get one next month, or next week.

Yeah, I know…you’d expect every new Esoteric model to be better than the previous. I’d dearly love to get my hands on the new model, but close-out pricing on the old model is very tempting.

Well that puts a different slant on it . !!

I can get a new Grandioso P1 for about what 2.5 x DMP MSRP cost.

As long as it’s reliable that’s what really counts…

Ahh . . . this makes it an even more difficult decision.

Please let us know what you decide.

I’m leaning towards the Grandioso P1. $11K cheaper than P1X I can put towards the new Grandioso D1X DAC. The P1 should pack enough performance, my focus is on networked audio rather than disc spinning.

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Good performer and the designer loves SACD.

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The optical drive chassis in the new VRDS-ATLAS is now CNC aluminium (instead of steel pressing), the spindle drive is now underneath the tray, vibration damping is improved, the mechanism is smoother and quieter…lots of improvements, but all at a significant price increase. They’ve also made improvements in the power supply.

Do the Esoteric drives play directly off the disc, or are they held in a memory buffer like the DMP?

I don’t know, I haven’t seen the block diagram for the P1.

We’re warming up to how good 3.13 might sound against a $30K player.

Except you sold your DMP prior to 3.13…right?

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