Great seed track?

How about posting your best seed track for Roon Radio or other auto-selected mechanism that produced a great playlist of tunes?

I’ll start: Sunny by Bobby Hebb on TIDAL

Interesting, I haven’t really been using Roon radio. Maybe this will give me a starting point

It might be interesting to post the play list after its run for a while to compare. That is if Roon allowed exporting of playlists that contain tracks that aren’t physically on your storage, Qobuz and Tidal are out. Someone needs to beat Roon at their game. They are tripping hard all over themselves with graphics issues and don’t seem to advance functionality anymore.

Hey Hey Julia by Robert Palmer

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I didn’t know that Little Feat backed Robert Palmer during those years.

yeah, kinda cool. That’s probably why the track is so great for a seed (at least for me).

I saved a queue from last year, and I turned it into a playlist because I thought it was so good.

Some of the bands:

Little Feat
Steely Dan
Ry Cooder
Loggins and Messina
Joe Walsh
Boz Scaggs
James Gang
Warren Zevon
Joe Jackson
Dave Mason

and on and on

I enjoy Roon Radio most of the time but it still too often picks the obvious choice. I wish it would get to deeper cuts or even surface that artist that was similar but just didn’t get the radio play of the day.

Like Pandora did a decade ago! If this is AI we should have no fear of it taking over the world.