Has anyone tried this magic elixir...NPS-1260 3-D Audio enhancer?

Ok, I thought you had added the bit after the link but I assume now that it’s an extract from the review.

Should have added quotes.

One thing I’ve noticed is there’s no information about ‘drying time’ after you apply the solution, before you can re-insert the treated plug / interconnect back into your equipment?

Got a reply from Rick, High Fidelity Cables, designed to be re-connected with it’s socket as soon as it’s applied to the cable / plug pin(s).

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At $349 for 1.5 ml, I’ll take a pass. The High Fidelity Cables website in general is a tad too rife with pseudo-scientific marketing schtick for this scientist/engineer’s taste. With crazy over the top pricing for the product line. More power to those who want to buy the company’s cables and accessories. Just not me.

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Anyone tried this yet?
Rick’s cables use magnetism in some way.
My view on the magnetism angle is they were well received originally but seem to have fallen out of fashion recently?
I presume this new solution uses his magnetism ideas so I’m a bit wary of introducing something this new into my system.
Some of the solution may not be easy to remove, e.g. if it’s put into the female XLR plugs etc?

For some reason I keep thinking of this guy.

Having met Rick and talked about this and other products with him, he’s definitely a “larger than life” type of man who’s enthusiastic about his products and is prone to to hyperbole. He’s hardly unique in that respect. His products, like several others that come to mind, have very obvious effects on an audio system even if the “explanations” provided are pseudo scientific. His retail product pricing has been subject to seasonal sales in the past so patience usually means one can get a product for a lower price at some point (usually about 25-30% less.) Like many, I’ve been suspect of the price/value equation for many tweaks but the small plug-in magnetic power conditioners he sells have a very high cost/performance ratio. I would not consider the benefit cost of those products to be “over the top” in the least. That said, we all have our own perspectives on what’s a reasonable cost /performance ratio. Personally, I’d like a demo of the violet, red, or black fuses that Quantum Audio Science sells to settle one area of doubt I have. :thinking:

Magnetic? Hmmm . . I wonder if perchance if it is also part of the cure for Covid 19? The vaccines supposedly make things stick to your face! :thinking:

JVZ … you’ve stated earlier in the thread that you are using the 3-d audio enhancer.
Can you describe the benefits / performance gains you’re hearing please?

As electrical energy travels as electromagnetic waves, I assume the seller is stating his product enhances the these waves. (The impacted electrons drift slowly.)

It’s good to be skeptical about most things, but there’s also a danger to being close minded that goes beyond judging audio gear.

The trick is not to be so open-minded your brains fall out.


If you read my first post in this thread (#6) you’ll see that I’m not close minded, just skeptical of a $349 bottle of contact enhancer, when I know I can get a good one for a much more reasonable price. More expensive doesn’t make something better.

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Being open minded doesn’t mean being gullible.
It means looking at all sides and possibilities, and then with time and experience, the truth will become evident.

When it comes to audio gear I haven’t heard, I remain open minded, taking in both professional and user reviews, and looking for the level of enthusiasm a seasoned audiophile exudes.
If a product gathers a large following along with rave reviews, and it’s within my budget, I’ll invest my time and energy auditioning it, and making my own final determination.

I can certainly understand your hesidency given you’ve never tried any of Rick’s products. I might very well feel the same way if I hadn’t already trialed and used many of Rick’s products that use magnetism as a way of enhancing signal transfer.

I remember when upgraded power cords we’re first introduced to the market. Many audiophiles including myself we’re sure this was pure snake oil. Now most seasoned audiophiles know otherwise.

Not all upgraded power cords are equal; some are more equal - - - that is, there is a lot of snake oil among many of them.

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I would respect your enthusiasm a whole lot more if you had indeed tried the magic elixir.

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Point being power cords do make a difference despite that many of us thought in the beginning that notion was outrageous and not even scientifically possible.

I don’t understand why you’re trying to convince me of the validity of the seller’s claims when you haven’t even tried the product yourself.

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