LG DVD/CD player with HDMI output--can this connect via the I2S from my DAC?

I have used up all my inputs to my DAC; only have I2S inputs left

I bought a simple DVD/CD LG player–hooked up the HDMI output from the DVD/CD player to the input of the DAC I2S

When I put a regular CD or even a DVD, I get no sound (not using it for TV- just music)

Am I missing something? is the above correct regarding the HDMI output from the DVD/CD to the DAC?

Look forward to your advise


That’s not correct. I2S is not the same as HDMI despite using the same connectors.

You’re best off using your TV’s optical out to the DAC and running HDMI to the TV.

This is expected behavior. You won’t get sound as the DVD player is outputting an HDMI signal and not I2S. Vee is right and you would be able to use the optical input on the DAC, but sounds like you’re already using that input.

Read here and the links in the post. Sony X800 & X1000ES are the only players I’ve had any luck making this work with the DS Senior and a Denafrips Terminator DAC.

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Thank you folks! I guess since I got my optical and HDMI taken already, I will not be able to add another device?

I am not a tech/expert–just like great sound and usually just buy and connect devices… I get the HDMI and optical thus I am enjoying the music. But my CD player has banana plugs out–so I decided I wanted to buy a blue-ray/CD player to take advantage of the DAC–but since I have my HDMI and Optical connected, I am SOL? what about the other rear connectors on my DirectStream PSA DAC?

You can buy a device that will allow you to switch between two optical devices. . . that would be one solution. Or an optical to coaxial converter if you are not using the coaxial input on the DSD.

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Or if the coaxial input is available, you could use a Wyred 4 Sound Remedy reclocker, and your sound would be improved–I use one with my DVR, you can run optical in and coaxial out. It improved the sound from my DVR especially with an additional iFi power supply. (Although admittedly I haven’t used the Remedy with the DSD, just with an Oppo UDP-205).

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Great suggestions!
I will be looking for multiple input optic to single output optic connector/switch

I hope I can get the same for HDMI? multiple input to single output?

From what I read, the HDMI option is the best input, then optical and so forth?

This is helping me lots–thank you ; look forward to the above answers

Just realized my DirectStream DAC ONLY has 6 digital inputs
IS2, IS1, USB, Optical, Coax, XLR

Now I am SOL!!!
Out of all of the above digital inputs, which one will provide the best connection?
Will the order be?:
XLR then
Optical then
USB then
COax then
the IS1 and IS2?

If so, can I get a switch box for HDMI out from a DVD unit to XLR input into DAC?
would you use an optical out from a DVD/CD Player to optical splitter to DAC?

Your simpler solution would be an optical or coax switch.

This company makes all kinds.


plus one for optical switching - all my sources are selected that way, and Amazon has lots of them, although max i’ve seen is 4 into 1.

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THank you for the patience! I like the recommendation! I was looking into the DirectStream DAC and found out that the order of quality goes from I2S/USB, to XLR/COAX to last TOSLINK for the quality range in the connections.

TOSLINK is already good enough, but since I have yet to buy a DVD/CD/BlueRay player, I was looking for one with an output that would allow me to have the above options (I2S,/USB, XLR/COAX, or TOSLINK).

Sadly enough, all my searches for a DVD/CD/BluRay player have outputs only as HDMI (which I do not have an input into the DAC), Multiple wire COAX (Yellow, Red, White) (not single) and that is it (which I only have one COAX input).

My end goal is to play CDs, DVDs and BluRay music discs (maybe watching concert videos, but mostly just to listen to HD music)

Your thoughts?

those yellow white red coax outputs are analogue by the way, can’t connect those to a dac.
i am lucky in that i have an old yamaha dvd player with digital coax and toslink audio outs, and a sony blu ray with hdmi video and coax digital audio outs, and that could be an answer - the second hand market.
there are threads on this forum regarding sony players that can be modified to give I2S output too, i expect those will have coax digital out already (unmodified) for audio out.

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Forget about using the HDMI output into the DS HDMI input as it won’t work–the DS HDMI “protocol” is different from any Blu-ray players and there will not be a connection that will allow you to play sound/music.

I think you could use an HDMI to optical converter like
this https://www.amazon.com/avedio-links-Extractor-Splitter-Converter/dp/B07H94D77V/ref=sr_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=hdmi+to+optical+converter&qid=1598229160&sr=8-3

And then use the optical output of this converter into an optical switcher like this and switch between that and your other optical output into the single input on Toslink.


Love the options!

I am no expert in equipment, but do love my music and sound—it is not sad that I have to use all of the above converters, cables, etc? after buying such a nice DAC?

I am an medical/aerospace engineer by training, but I have never seen soooooo many incompatibilities among audio/electronic equipment… am I being naive?

Why could the DAC not have a simple HDMI input? or more inputs than just one? i2S seems not that common in the commercial market… dont get me wrong… I do not mind paying good money for quality, hence reason I bought the DAC from PSAudio…love it…but it has become a challenge to pair it with high end audio with simple outputs such as XLRs, HDMI, USB… ie. a DVD/CD/BluRay for example. (I have McIntosh equipment and none use the I2S)

Your help has been excellent!! Thank you so much!!!
I will probably implement the last recommendation–HDMI to optical and then to a switch… wow… crazy!!! I hope PS Audio is reading… many of us (at least me) are not too bright… I only make parts that go into your heart to save your life… ;-P-- and I want to listen to music, and not become an audio engineer!!! Me lazy when I am at home!

Bought the following per your advise–thank you!!!


Well, the reasons there’s not a conventional HDMI input are perhaps multiple, but I think that one main reason is that this is not a VIDEO machine and activating a video section in the machine will degrade the fine sound quality that the DAC provides. Makes little sense to add something that will detract a bit from the sound quality.

And the real “crying shame” in my opinion is that Blu-ray is now so marginalized that the players only have HDMI outputs and don’t include optical, coaxial or AES/EBU, one of which might help you with connecting the DS. They don’t even include two channel analog outputs on most, and hardly any will have 5 or 7 analog outputs. Earlier in this century at least two of those connections were standard, now it seems they’ve vanished. I think they expect that non-audiophiles will run their HDMI output to the TV and that audiophiles will use a processor to decode surround sound and improve two channel sound. Or they just expect persons to be streaming content now exclusively,.

Sigh. Sometimes progress sucks. Hope those devices get you connected!


Once again, much appreciate all of YOUR support and comments.

I agree with your statements and knowledge on the topic–I just wished I would spend as much time learning about the field as most of you have. I guess I want the great sound, but I want it ready to go… it pays to know what you all know, but my brain is already packed with so many other interests that I am at my old age not ready to start a new journey–thus, your quick responses and straight to the point answers will and have allowed me to get what I want with minimal years doing the research… just want to great sound. I think, and is likely that I am still not maximizing the output of my system–specially if I add all these connections… as it is know, the weakest point in my system will be probably one of these components… I hope not!