Hello from newbie and question about DSD


I’m first time here so Hello and Happy New Year to everyone.
I was watching 2hand a Directstream DAC with a network bridge for sale online and it I got confused as LCD display shows all numbers like Unit ID and more but when it comes to Bridge it says None.
Any explanation ?
Is there any way to check a year of production by checking Unit ID number ?

Hello and welcome!
If you call or email PS Audio and give them the serial number they can tell you when it was built and if any warranty time is left. The seller should send you a picture the actual serial number off the back of the unit and in that same picture you can see if the bridge card is installed or not.

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Thank you Vern.
I’ve seen pictures of the back and there is Bridge installed.

Welcome, Stef!

If you see a bridge installed, but the display says „Bridge: None“ I would assume there is something wrong. The Bridge is not recognized by the DS in that case. There was a bug (was it in Torreys?) where the Bridge showed up as „0.0.0“, but normally it shows the Bridges FW version number. But when it says „None“ it is like no bridge is installed.

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