Help - Does PS Audio's multicomponent remote control work with the Phono Preamp?

After working only occasionally ever since I got it, the remote for my Stellar Phono Preamp stopped working altogether, and as we know, the component is useless without it.

So I called PS Audio and they kindly offered to ship me a new remote. Great, I thought!

But what they sent was a multi-component PS remote. It has a section labelled Phono Preamp, but the buttons don’t do anything. The remote turns the Stellar on and off and mutes it, but it doesn’t allow me to change any of the settings (gain, MM/MC) which I need to adjust in order to play it!! Anybody know which keystrokes would control those functions???

This remote business, and the unnecessary hassle it produces, has just about soured me on the whole component.

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I would personally ask them nicely to send you the proper remote. They have been very helfpful and downright nice to me regarding remotes and firmware etc.

Yeh, that’s what I’ll do on Monday - just wondered if I was missing something about this remote…


Dang! Sorry they sent you the wrong remote. If you want to reach out to me directly I’ll arrange the right one to be sent to you on Monday.


Hi Paul,

Much appreciated! I wasn’t sure if maybe this one could work with the SPP, but I guess not -